A String in the Harp Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nancy Bond
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Chapters 1 & 2

• Jen Morgan is traveling from Massachusetts to Borth, Wales, to visit her family for Christmas. She has been living with her aunt since her mother's death.

• Jen's father moved the rest of the family to Wales so he could teach at a University there.

• Jen finds that her father has been ignoring the family and locks himself up in his office when he is home. Becky, 10, is doing well and loves Wales.

• Twelve year old Peter hates Wales and wants to go back home. Jen will not allow this and tells him to grow up.
• Mrs. Davies comes from next door to do some cooking and cleaning. She makes Jen help even though she is on vacation.

• Peter spends most of his time in his room. He plays with a key he found in the bog. It is shaped like a Y. Peter says it is magical...

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