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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who raped and murdered Elia Martell?
(a) Prince Oberyn.
(b) Willas Tyrell.
(c) Tywin Lannister.
(d) Gregor Clegane.

2. Who is Chett?
(a) A member of the Night's Watch.
(b) A wilding.
(c) A steward to Sam Tarly.
(d) The brother of Jon Snow.

3. Who does Jamie Lannister love?
(a) Brienne.
(b) Arya.
(c) Cersei.
(d) Summer.

4. What is Sandor's nickname?
(a) The Hound.
(b) Brother of Bane.
(c) Snake.
(d) The Mad Huntsman.

5. Who gives birth at Crastor's Keep?
(a) Shae.
(b) Grenn.
(c) Gilly.
(d) Bannen.

6. Who is thrown in the cell with Davos?
(a) Lord Alester.
(b) Lord Holster.
(c) Lord Rossart.
(d) Lord Beric.

7. What does Ser Axell want Davos to tell Stannis?
(a) Axell should be the Hand.
(b) Melisandre has been unfaithful.
(c) Edric should be sacrificed.
(d) Balon should be the hand.

8. Who treats Arya with great kindness and gives her beautiful clothing?
(a) Prince Oberyn Martell.
(b) Lady Johanna Lannister.
(c) Lady Ravella Smallwood.
(d) Lady Olenna Tyrell.

9. What does Dontos give Sansa to wear at Joffrey's wedding?
(a) An amethyst necklace.
(b) A crystal hairnet.
(c) An amethyst hairnet.
(d) An obsidian ring.

10. Who is Summer?
(a) Bran's direwolf.
(b) Arya's maid.
(c) Arya's direwolf.
(d) Bran's sister.

11. Where is Lord Holster laid to rest?
(a) On a floating funeral pyre.
(b) In catacombs under the castle.
(c) On top of Mount Winterfell.
(d) At the base of the Wall.

12. In Chapter 4, where has Arya been held captive?
(a) Fist of the First Men.
(b) Kings Landing.
(c) Harrenhal.
(d) Casterly Rock.

13. Who claims the Iron Throne after the death of King Aerys II?
(a) Daenerys Targaryen.
(b) Prince Rhaegar.
(c) Tywin Lannister.
(d) Robert Baratheon.

14. Who is Varys?
(a) A wilding.
(b) A steward to Tyrion Lannister.
(c) A eunuch and an excellent spy.
(d) A member of the Night's Watch.

15. What reward does Lord Selwyn Tarth offer for Brienne's return?
(a) 300 gold coins.
(b) 3000 gold coins.
(c) 300 dragons.
(d) 3000 dragons.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Robb name as his heir?

2. Who is Vargo?

3. What does Lord Walder want Robb Stark to do in order to mend the alliance?

4. How do the members of the Brotherhood without Banners pay the Lady of the Leaves?

5. Who does Sam console during death?

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