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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 41, Bran and Chapter 42, Jon | Chapter 43, Daenerys.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Grey Wind?
(a) Arya's direwolf.
(b) Bran's direwolf.
(c) Summer's direwolf.
(d) Robb's direwolf.

2. Why does Jamie Lannister shave his head in Chapter 2?
(a) To rid himself of lice.
(b) To prepare for battle.
(c) So he is harder to recognize.
(d) To fulfill a vow.

3. What does Lord Walder want Robb Stark to do in order to mend the alliance?
(a) Give the Freys a gift of Stark land.
(b) Joust with Ser Cleos.
(c) Marry Roslin Frey.
(d) Apologize at the Twins.

4. How is Catelyn Stark punished for releasing Jamie Lannister?
(a) She is thrown in Jamie's cell.
(b) She is raped by the guards.
(c) She is beaten.
(d) She is confined to her father's chambers.

5. Who is Varys?
(a) A eunuch and an excellent spy.
(b) A steward to Tyrion Lannister.
(c) A wilding.
(d) A member of the Night's Watch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tywin want to have elected as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch?

2. Who is Mance Rayder?

3. Who visits Davos in prison?

4. Who is a funeral held for at Crastor's Keep?

5. Who does Edmure agree to marry to mend the alliance?

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