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Westeros - This is the continent on which the characters live.

The Gift - This is land that has been granted to the Night's Watch.

The Seven Kingdoms - The King on the Iron Throne rules all of these areas.

The Wall - This structure divides the civilized lands from the wild north and the wilding lands.

Harrenhal - This is the place where Lord Roose Bolton holds Arya Stark before her escape.

Casterly Rock - This is the name of the Lannister's family ancestral land.

Milkwater - This is a river in the Frostfangs mountains.

Fist of the First Men - This is a fort where the Night's Watch camp in the northernlands.

King's Landing - This city is the seat of the Iron Throne.

Trident River - This body is divided into the Red Fork and the Green Fork.

Astapor - This is a...

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