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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the narrator in reality in Chapter 2?

2. To where is the narrator traveling?

3. What does the narrator call the dark little bar where he goes with Billy and Cristina?

4. During what war time was Anne-Marie born?

5. What is one thing that holds the narrator back in his living experience in Autun?

Short Essay Questions

1. What can be determined about the narrator's personality so far?

2. How does the narrator's interaction with the Wheatlands in Paris force him to think about his life of solitude?

3. How does the author foreshadow Philip's death as he and Anne-Marie drive to the countryside?

4. What part does arrogance play in the narrator's solitary lifestyle?

5. Explain the correlation the author makes between Philip's soon-to-be-extinguished life and Philip and Anne-Marie engaging in anal sex.

6. What are the circumstances in which the narrator meets Philip Dean?

7. What is the outcome of Cristina and Billy's attempt to fix the narrator up with their friend, Alix?

8. Describe the scene when Philip goes to Anne-Marie's parents' home for dinner.

9. Describe how Philip and Anne-Marie's relationship begins to alter and what the basis for the transition is.

10. What does Philip do that lets the reader know that his relationship with Anne-Marie is entering its final stages?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Salter uses more than one instance of irony in the book. Cite at least two examples you can identify in the novel and note why they are examples of irony.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the overall setting for the novel. Why does Salter use the setting he does? What is the time period of the story? How important is the time period to the attitudes and issues of the characters?

Essay Topic 3

The author uses some important instances of foreshadowing in the story. Explain what foreshadowing is and cite at least two examples making sure to explain what makes each an example of foreshadowing.

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