A Sport and a Pastime Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 - 3

• As the story begins, the narrator describes traveling out of Paris, a city he loathes for its artificiality and bustle.

• The narrator's destination is a small rural town called Autun.

• The narrator notes the characteristics of the people around him on the train and then falls asleep.

• The narrator awakens and can see the house in which he will be staying, owned by his friends, the Wheatlands.

• On his first full day in Autun, the narrator strolls around town, taking in the beauty and simplicity of village life.

• The narrator suddenly snaps back to reality--he has not really moved to Autun but has visited--but hopes to do so soon.

• The narrator is in a Paris hotel room with his friends, Cristina and Billy Wheatland.

• Cristina is the daughter of an ambassador who has come to hate her home country, America, and Billy is a retired hockey...

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