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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. Are the men and Dirk Courtney able to find the lioness?

2. What can be said of Storm's marriage?

3. Who prepares the two mules by salting them?

4. Who takes Hobday to General Sean Courtney and his wife?

5. What is Mark Anders's reaction when he see General Sean Courtney?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mark get hold of Hobday?

2. What is the conversation Mark and Pungushe have when Mark Anders returns to Chaka's Gate?

3. Why does Mark go to Umhlanga Rocks, and what does he see there?

4. How does the General get hit when he is the Cadillac?

5. What does Mark decide to do after he learns of his wife's death?

6. Why does Harry kill himself?

7. When Mark and Storm are together in Chaka's gate, what is the sound they hear outside of their home?

8. What is the incident that occurs when Mark and Pungushe are riding together?

9. What is the change Mark notices when the General and the Prime Minister lose their seats in the Parliament?

10. Why does Storm lose her temper?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is the novel called A Sparrow Falls? What or whom does the word "sparrow" represent?

Essay Topic 2

What in your opinion is the reason the author has show an estranged relationship between father and son as seen between General Sean Courtney and Dirk Courtney?

Essay Topic 3

What can be said of the relationship between the characters in the novel? How do they influence each other?

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