Objects & Places from A Sparrow Falls

Wilbur Smith
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This is a realistic dummy with a helmet that is manipulated by Fergus McDonald.


This is the only property in the area with water.

Chaka's Gate

This is an area where John Anders lost his life to a hunting accident.


These are mine employees.

Natal Motors

This is a place where Mark Anders gets his first job.


This is a property that sits on the crest of hills that surround the town of Durban.

Africa Cup

This is an award that is given to finest rifleman and his division.


This is an acronym used in a derogatory fashion by union workers.


This is the hometown of Fergus and Helena MacDonald and a final stronghold of the rebel striking forces and where a last stand is made.


This is a whip which can cut the skin of any human with great ease...

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