A Sparrow Falls Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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If you were given an opportunity to interview Wilbur Smith, what would you ask him regarding his novels and why?

Family Tree

A Sparrow Falls is a part of the "Courtney" novels. Make a family tree for the Courtneys and bring it to class.


Why do you think the author uses a sniper team in the novel? Do any other novels of Wilbur Smith employ a sniper team?


Sketch or paint a map of the properties described in the novel in class and see which student comes up with the best representation of the properties.


If you were the author of this novel, what would you change and why?


If you were given the task of making this novel into a movie, which Hollywood celebrities would you chose for which character and why?

Jumbled Words

Have the names of a few characters of...

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