A Sparrow Falls Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Brigadier-General Sean Courtney

This character is a man of high moral standing and self-worth. He is also an excellent judge of character.

Mark Anders

This character wants to avenge his grandfather's death.

Sergeant Fergus MacDonald

This character is a communist and leads a bloody battle.

Dirk Courtney

This character is known for his greed and murders anyone who gets in his way.

Marion Littlejohn

This is a young character who is killed by a lioness.

Storm Courtney

This character has been described in the novel as very beautiful and someone who possesses dignity.

Jan Christiaan Smuts

This character is a General and a man of awesome presence and a powerful character.

Helena MacDonald

This is a character who is beautiful and has a habit which was uncommon to women in her time period.

Ruth Courtney

This character is the wife of a General and is past her forties...

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