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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator describe the pain of Antiguans?
(a) As sad.
(b) As irritating.
(c) As unreal.
(d) As nonexistent.

2. What charge is the second Prime Minister imprisoned for?
(a) Lying to the Antiguan people.
(b) Murdering government officials.
(c) Cheating on his spouse.
(d) Using his office for personal profit.

3. What do Antiguans call Bird's ruthless son?
(a) Doctor Jekyl.
(b) Doctor Dolittle.
(c) Papa Doc.
(d) Papa Poverty.

4. Why does the narrator think Antigua is in worse condition as a self-ruled nation?
(a) Antigua is not a self-ruled nation.
(b) Because of the ignorance of the natives.
(c) Because of the corrupt government in power.
(d) She does not think this.

5. Why is the narrator offended by the reference to "her girls," as stated by the lady whose family established the Mill Reef Club?
(a) Because the lady states that her girls should get married young.
(b) Because her girls are illiterate.
(c) Because "her girls" are grown Antiguan women.
(d) Because the lady discourages her girls from reading.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting of "A Small Place?"

2. When Antigua becomes self-governing, what happens to the Queen's stand-in?

3. Whose voice does the narrator utilize?

4. What paradoxical contradiction serves to provide another fault of Antigua?

5. Who are ordinary people, according to the author in Section 4?

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