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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are ordinary people, according to the author in Section 4?
(a) Antiguans.
(b) The foreigners who lives in Antigua.
(c) No one is ordinary.
(d) The Syrians.

2. Who serves as Prime Minister for twenty-five of Antigua's thirty years as a self-governing nation?
(a) Vere Cornwall Bird.
(b) Victor Cornelius Birdman.
(c) The narrator.
(d) The librarian.

3. During the second Prime Minister's term, what happened to tourism?
(a) It irritated natives.
(b) It ceased.
(c) It improved.
(d) It went bankrupt.

4. Who is in charge of the Treasury, Tourism and Public Works?
(a) The narrator.
(b) It changes annually.
(c) Bird's two sons.
(d) V. C. Bird.

5. What is the tone of most of "A Small Place?"
(a) Comical.
(b) Mournful.
(c) Sarcastic.
(d) Reverent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leaves Antigua?

2. According to the narrator in Section 3, what has become a tourist attraction?

3. What happens to honest ministers which encourages other ministers to be corrupt?

4. What is more exaggerated in a small place like Antigua?

5. Why are slaves brought to Antigua?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 4, what role does emancipation play?

2. What does the narrator say about small events which occur in small places?

3. Where is the library now situated, and what is happening with the books, according to Section 3?

4. What do the Syrians and Lebanese do in Antigua?

5. Describe the only two Prime Ministers that Antigua has had in the thirty years that it has been a self-governing nation.

6. In regard to the Bird family, what are Antiguans' concerns, and how are these concerns lessened?

7. Why do all Antiguan ministers possess green cards, and what happens to honest ministers?

8. What happens when the English leave Antigua at the end of Section 4?

9. What does the narrator compare to Antigua in Section 4, and how does she use this analogy?

10. When the narrator was a child, what did the head librarian suspect, and what does the narrator say about these suspicions?

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