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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Section 4, who still lives in a surreal place?
(a) The English.
(b) The Prime Minister.
(c) Antiguans.
(d) The narrator.

2. What happens to honest ministers which encourages other ministers to be corrupt?
(a) They suffer poverty after their term ends.
(b) They must stand trial for treason before the Antiguan government.
(c) They are mocked and ridiculed.
(d) They are murdered.

3. What do Antiguans worry that the Birds will be unwilling to relinquish?
(a) Their loving natures.
(b) Their estate in Antigua.
(c) Their immense wealth.
(d) Political power.

4. Who considers what being real people submerged in the unreality of Antigua must do to the people?
(a) The headmistress of the girls' school.
(b) The Prime Minister.
(c) The Antiguans.
(d) The narrator.

5. Who is suspected of murder but never convicted?
(a) Evita.
(b) The narrator.
(c) Syrians and Lebanese.
(d) V. C. Bird.

6. When were Africans brought to Antigua?
(a) In 1567.
(b) Not long after its discovery.
(c) Never.
(d) Recently.

7. Who is not permitted time on the radio to defend themselves?
(a) Opposition parties.
(b) The English.
(c) The Antiguan government.
(d) The narrator and her mother.

8. Who brought Africans to Antigua?
(a) Africans came to Antigua on their own.
(b) Americans.
(c) The Swiss.
(d) The English.

9. How does the narrator describe the pain of Antiguans?
(a) As unreal.
(b) As irritating.
(c) As nonexistent.
(d) As sad.

10. What happens to the government official who investigates the murders of a calypso singer's sister and a European woman?
(a) He disappears.
(b) He is electrocuted by his refrigerator.
(c) He moves to Europe.
(d) He is bribed to discontinue his investigation.

11. What adds to the surrealism of the island, according to Section 4?
(a) The sea, sky and everything.
(b) The natives' beliefs.
(c) The English.
(d) The natives.

12. What does the author say is lacking to separate Antiguans from the past?
(a) A historical moment.
(b) Laws.
(c) Emancipation.
(d) Time.

13. How are the Antiguan utility companies set up?
(a) There are no utility companies in Antigua.
(b) They are owned by Americans who visit Antigua on vacation.
(c) As competitive entities.
(d) As monopolies.

14. Why does the narrator think Antigua is in worse condition as a self-ruled nation?
(a) Because of the ignorance of the natives.
(b) Because of the corrupt government in power.
(c) She does not think this.
(d) Antigua is not a self-ruled nation.

15. Who has green cards that allow them to escape to the United States?
(a) All Antiguans.
(b) No one.
(c) All Antiguan ministers of government.
(d) The narrator and her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is held to raise funds to repair the library?

2. Whose voice does the narrator utilize?

3. What did the Antiguans hope the second Prime Minister would bring to Antigua?

4. What kind of characters are the Antiguans?

5. Where does the narrator's friend travel?

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