A Small Place Character Descriptions

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This individual is a black, Antiguan woman who loves Antigua and its people. As a result, she is very ironic and sarcastic as she rages against those that she feels destroys her country.


These people do not consider the hardships that Antiguans face daily as a result of living on this beautiful island, burdened with drought.


This group of people brought slaves to Antigua but are a pitiful lot after the fall of their slavery empire.

Native Antiguans

These people are the black descendants of slaves who are oppressed and poor.

Taxi Drivers

These people attempt to overcharge tourists.


These people are not trusted by natives of the island.

Minister of Health

This person travels to New York whenever he is in need of health care.


This woman is the girlfriend of someone high up in the government.

Drug Smuggler

This person is...

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