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Section 1

• Tourists arrive in Antigua via the V. C. Bird International Airport, admiring the island's beauty without considering the effects of Antigua's drier climate on the natives.

• The tourists consider only their own comfort and pass through customs quickly while the natives are detained by baggage searches.
• The taxi driver's attempt to overcharge the tourists is thwarted by their request to see the fee sheet, and the tourists are either frightened or thrilled by the driver's recklessness.

• Noticing the expensive Japanese cars, tourists wonder if the owners possess equally extravagant homes, yet they remain ignorant that the government owns the car dealerships and make it easier for Antiguans to get car loans than home loans.
• The tourists are not concerned by the poor condition of the Antiguan school or hospital, causing the narrator to condemn their lack of concern. She hates Europeans and their supposed superiority.
• As the...

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