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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Tree-ear assigned most recently?
(a) The old forest.
(b) The river banks.
(c) The quarry mines.
(d) The drain pits.

2. Where does Tree-ear go after working?
(a) To see the monk who brought him to Ch'ulp'o.
(b) To gather dandelion leaves for a salad.
(c) To play with the other boys.
(d) Back to the bridge.

3. About what is Crane-man pleased?
(a) At Tree-ear's calligraphy.
(b) At the poem Tree-ear just wrote.
(c) At Tree-ear's honorable behavior.
(d) That the Emperor has recognized their village for their rice production.

4. What does Tree-ear rotate doing?
(a) Cutting wood, draining clay and weeding the garden.
(b) Cutting wood, cutting clay and weeding the garden.
(c) Cutting wood, cutting clay draining clay.
(d) Cutting clay, draining clay and weeding the garden.

5. What happens to Tree-ear as a result of the day's work?
(a) He falls into the river and almost drowns.
(b) He impresses the healer who offers him an apprenticeship.
(c) He falls asleep without eating.
(d) He gets a bad blister.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tree-ear tell the farmer?

2. What did potters before Kang and Min try to do sometimes with red slip?

3. What is Tree-ear holding when Min comes out of the house?

4. What does the farmer do for Tree-ear?

5. What is Min's response to Tree-ear's request?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tree-ear do for the next eight days for Min?

2. How does Tree-ear break one of Min's boxes?

3. Why did Tree-ear stay with Crane-man?

4. What is the story of how Tree-ear came to live with Crane-man?

5. How does Crane-man feel about Tree-ear's behavior?

6. What do the potters in town do about the news?

7. What does the emissary do when he arrives at the village?

8. What is the third job to which Tree-ear is assigned and how does he do it?

9. What does Tree-ear do to pay for the box and how is he disappointed?

10. What does Min do the first thing when Tree-ear arrives on his second morning?

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