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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tree-ear carry the vases?
(a) In a cloth bag.
(b) In a leather backpack.
(c) In a hand cart.
(d) On a jiggeh.

2. What did Tree-ear and Crane-man do at dusk the night before Tree-ear was leaving?
(a) Skipped stones on the water.
(b) Went to bed.
(c) Told stories.
(d) Sang a traveling song.

3. Where does the emissary wish Min to bring any inlay vessels he makes?
(a) Changdo.
(b) Pusan.
(c) Anjanri.
(d) Songdo.

4. Why did Tree-ear's attitude toward work change?
(a) He lost his dream of being a potter.
(b) He was tired of chopping wood.
(c) He was spendning too much time away from Crane-man.
(d) He was not making any money.

5. What did Tree-ear do when the two test vases were packed?
(a) Threw them to the ground and kicked them around.
(b) Set the pack under the bridge.
(c) Handed the pack to Min.
(d) Dropped the pack off the bridge.

6. What does Min tell the emissary about bringing an inlay vessel to him later?
(a) He would send his brother.
(b) He is too old to make the journey.
(c) He would do it.
(d) He was retiring.

7. What did Min say to Tree-ear when he came to check on the progress of the red and white clay?
(a) It was the wrong clay.
(b) He took too long.
(c) It was gotten from the correct spot.
(d) It needed another draining.

8. How does Tree-ear act towards Crane-man when he comes back to the bridge after his pack is done?
(a) Respectful.
(b) Sad.
(c) Happy.
(d) Angry.

9. What did Min begin to do after selecting a design for the inlay?
(a) Drew it on a piece of tracing paper.
(b) Cut it deeply into the vessels.
(c) Drew the design on a piece of cloth.
(d) Began incising it.

10. What happens to the vessels if the heat in the kiln rises too fast?
(a) They melt.
(b) They turn black.
(c) They crack.
(d) They fuse together.

11. What did the man grab from Tree-ear?
(a) Tree-ear's jiggeh.
(b) Tree-ear's shirt.
(c) Tree-ear's sandals.
(d) Tree-ear's pouch.

12. With what did Min remove the hot vessels from the kiln?
(a) Large chopsticks.
(b) Wooden tongs.
(c) Cloth pot holders.
(d) Metal tongs.

13. How long did Tree-ear walk each day on the second part of his journey?
(a) From sun-up to sun-down.
(b) From morning to dinner time.
(c) From late morning to late afternoon.
(d) From early morning to dusk.

14. What did Tree-ear find at the end of each day on his journey for his first six days?
(a) He was getting less tired.
(b) He had plenty to eat.
(c) A village.
(d) A temple.

15. What does Crane-man tell Tree-ear about a long kept tradition?
(a) It is silly to have a long kept tradition.
(b) It can be stronger than law.
(c) There is no law that governs tradition.
(d) Traditions should change every ten years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tree-ear think about doing for a moment as he stood up after the bandits left?

2. What did Crane-man often do when Tree-ear was coming home so late from work?

3. What did Tree-ear need to worry about as he fought with the bandit?

4. With what did they stuff the two vases that were packed in the basket?

5. What did the bandit say to Tree-ear when a second man overcame the boy and Tree-ear still struggled?

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