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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Min's wife give Tree-ear?
(a) A hat and some gloves.
(b) A warm scarf.
(c) Leather boots.
(d) A pair of pants and a jacket.

2. Why does Tree-ear feel guilty?
(a) For not being there when the boys were harassing Crane-man.
(b) For not saving some of his midday meal for Crane-man.
(c) For being too tired to fish for Crane-man's dinner.
(d) For wishing to leave Crane-man.

3. What does Tree-ear do with the clay after he mixes it?
(a) Stirs it for hours.
(b) Fills round molds.
(c) Runs it through a sieve.
(d) Covers it with sawdust.

4. When would the potters find out the emissary's decision?
(a) In the next month.
(b) In six weeks.
(c) The next morning.
(d) In five months.

5. What does Tree-ear rotate doing?
(a) Cutting wood, cutting clay draining clay.
(b) Cutting clay, draining clay and weeding the garden.
(c) Cutting wood, cutting clay and weeding the garden.
(d) Cutting wood, draining clay and weeding the garden.

6. What changed with Min about working on the potter's wheel?
(a) He allowed Tree-ear to help him.
(b) He no longer sang at the wheel.
(c) His wife helped him on the wheel.
(d) He used less water.

7. What news did a boat bring to Tree-ear's village?
(a) A royal emissary was coming to the village.
(b) There was a new queen.
(c) China had invaded the country.
(d) The emperor had died.

8. What does Tree-ear do when he does not find Min?
(a) Sneaks into Min's yard to look at his work.
(b) Goes to see Chang.
(c) Sits outside the yard and waits.
(d) Goes back to Crane-man.

9. What does the farmer do for Tree-ear?
(a) Allows him the spilled rice.
(b) Gives him permission to dig clay in his fallow field.
(c) Hires him to weed his family garden.
(d) Hires him to catch his chickens.

10. What does Tree-ear do about the bowl?
(a) He fills it with water, and the ants float away.
(b) He decides to make a new one.
(c) He finds a more secure place to hide it.
(d) He asks Min for one.

11. What does Tree-ear decide to do?
(a) Take his bowl to work the next day.
(b) Go to the temple and beg for food.
(c) Go to the monastery and beg for food.
(d) Go catch a fish for Crane-man.

12. What was the farmer carrying?
(a) A bag of turnips.
(b) A rice bag that has a leak.
(c) A letter.
(d) A hoe.

13. What was Tree-ear's secret about one of the bowls put out for display?
(a) It was mostly his work.
(b) He had changed the glaze on it.
(c) Tree-ear made one of the petal decorations.
(d) It had an unknown flaw.

14. What did Crane-man do during the day?
(a) Slept.
(b) Wove a basket.
(c) Broke his crutch.
(d) Begged in town.

15. What does Tree-ear realize in the middle of the first day that he is working?
(a) He is supposed to be fed a mid-day meal.
(b) He is no longer as tired and sore.
(c) He is doing a man's job.
(d) Crane-man needs his bandage changed.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long has Tree-ear been with Crane-man?

2. What does Tree-ear mix with the clay?

3. What does Tree-ear ask of Min?

4. What does Tree-ear request of Min?

5. What story does Crane-man tell Tree-ear?

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