A Single Shard Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What was Tree-ear doing when he saw a rice container had a leak?

Tree-ear was out scavenging in rubbish heaps for food when he came up behind a farmer whose rice container had sprung a leak.

2. What did Tree-ear do about the rice container? What was the farmer's response?

Tree-ear told the farmer about the hole. The farmer was so grateful that he allowed Tree-ear to take the spilled rice home.

3. How does Crane-man feel about Tree-ear's behavior?

Crane-man, Tree-ear's guardian, is happy about the rice, but happier with Tree-ear's honorable behavior.

4. What is the story of how Tree-ear came to live with Crane-man?

Tree-ear's parents had died in the capital city of Songdo. A monk there sent Tree-ear with some travelers to Ch'ulp'o in hopes of finding an uncle who lived there. When the travelers could not find the uncle, they took Tree-ear to the local monastery, but there was illness there as well. The travelers were told to take Tree-ear to Crane-man, a physically disabled man living under a bridge, until the monks could retrieve him.

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