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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Min's wife give Tree-ear?
(a) A warm scarf.
(b) A hat and some gloves.
(c) A pair of pants and a jacket.
(d) Leather boots.

2. What does Tree-ear realize in the middle of the first day that he is working?
(a) He is supposed to be fed a mid-day meal.
(b) He is doing a man's job.
(c) Crane-man needs his bandage changed.
(d) He is no longer as tired and sore.

3. What did Tree-ear decide when he saw Kang with his wheel barrel?
(a) Kang had gone crazy.
(b) To be there when the kiln opened in a few days.
(c) Kang was stealing from the village.
(d) Kang was pretending to do something important.

4. What kind of branch did Tree-ear bring Min for a vase on display?
(a) A flowering plum branch.
(b) A whip-o-willow branch.
(c) A branch of cherry blossoms.
(d) He did not get a branch for any vase.

5. What does Tree-ear discover when he returns to his bowl?
(a) The food had spoiled in the heat.
(b) The bowl was gone.
(c) The food was covered in ants.
(d) An animal ate his food.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which area of Korea is the novel set?

2. Why did potters try to find gray-brown clay?

3. What did Crane-man do sometimes at the rice fields?

4. What does Min reply to Tree-ear's request?

5. What did Min tell Tree-ear to do about setting up the planks for his display?

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