A Single Shard Character Descriptions

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This character is a young orphan who lives in the seaside village of Ch'ulp'o in Korea.


This character from Korea was born with a deformed leg that causes him to look like a crane when he stands upright.


This character is a potter who works alone. The person spends many hours working with the pots before finding one that lives up to his expectations.

Min's Wife, Ajima

This character brings Tree-ear his midday meal each day and is also the one who gives Tree-ear warm clothes when winter approaches.

Royal Emissary for Pottery Wares, Kim

This character comes to Ch'ulp'o looking to give a potter a commission.


This character works with inlays and colored clays.

Robbers in Puyo

These two follow Tree-ear up the cliff and try to steal his jiggeh from him.


These people will often take in people who have become...

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