A Simple Plan: A Novel Multiple Choice Test Questions

Scott Smith (author)
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Chapters One and Two

1. Hank's parents were killed how long after he was married?
(a) 1 year.
(b) 1 month.
(c) 1 week.
(d) 3 years.

2. How were Hank's parents killed?
(a) Boat accident.
(b) Automobile accident.
(c) Motorcycle accident.
(d) Plane crash.

3. What had Hank's parents bought a week before they died?
(a) Furniture.
(b) A motorcycle.
(c) An R.V.
(d) A boat.

4. To whom had Hank's father given his pickup truck before he died?
(a) Sarah.
(b) Lou.
(c) Hank.
(d) Jacob.

5. Where does Jacob Mitchell live?
(a) Cincinnati, Ohio.
(b) Columbus Ohio.
(c) Ashenville, Ohio.
(d) Akron, Ohio.

6. Jacob Mitchell lives above what establishment?
(a) A hardware store.
(b) A barber shop.
(c) A bar.
(d) A police station.

7. In what year does Chapter One begin?
(a) 1983.
(b) 1985.
(c) 1984.
(d) 1987.

8. What is the name of Jacob's dog?
(a) Spot.
(b) Sparky.
(c) Mary Beth.
(d) Buster.

9. What is the predominant breed of Jacob's dog?
(a) St. Bernard.
(b) German Shepherd.
(c) Great Dane.
(d) Doberman.

10. What does Jacob's dog run in pursuit of in Chapter One?
(a) A cat.
(b) A deer.
(c) A rabbit.
(d) A fox.

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