A Simple Plan: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Scott Smith (author)
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Essay Topic 1

Describe the author Scott Bechtel Smith. For what major works is Smith most known? What screenplays has the author adapted and/or written?

Essay Topic 2

Identify and discuss the narrative voice of the novel and Hank Mitchell as the protagonist. What character traits does Hank embody in Chapter One?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the setting of A Simple Plan. Where is Ashenville, Ohio located? What is the climate like at this location? In what year and month does the novel begin?

Essay Topic 4

Define and discuss the element of theme in literature. How is the theme of trust established in Chapter One?

Essay Topic 5

Describe the character of Carl Jenkins in the narrative. What threat does Carl pose to Lou, Hank, and Jacob?

Essay Topic 6

Describe the character of Sarah and her relationship with Hank in the novel. What weight does Hank give Sarah's opinion on his...

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