A Simple Plan: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Scott Smith (author)
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Chapters One and Two

• Hank Mitchell's parents were killed in an auto accident the year after Hank married.

• Hank's wife, Sarah, believes that the wreck wasn't an accident but was Hank's father's way of escaping the enormous debts they'd accumulated.

• Hank's older brother Jacob lives in Ashenville, Ohio, in an apartment over a hardware store.
• Jacob is driving when they crash into a snow bank, and the dog Mary Beth rushes off in pursuit of a fox that crossed the road directly in front of them into Anders Nature Preserve.

• Jacob, Hank, and Lou top the rim of a shallow dip and find a plane there. Jacob and Lou goad Hank into going inside the plane to check on the pilot.

• Jacob finds that the pilot is dead and that the man's eyes have been pecked out and flesh eaten from his face.

• Hank pushes his way back...

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