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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the chief who was taken hostage?
(a) He was sent to Spain
(b) He was killed in front of his people
(c) He was sold as a slave
(d) He was dropped off a cliff

2. Why did the Spanish go to Santa Marta?
(a) Ports
(b) Gold
(c) Slaves
(d) Food

3. Who was the first adventurer to lay eyes on New Granada?
(a) De Soto
(b) Avil
(c) Quesada
(d) Pizzarro

4. When Pizzarro reached the coast, which island did he sail to?
(a) Tumba
(b) Puna
(c) Puerto Rico
(d) Trinidad

5. What action was taken because of Brother Marcos' letter?
(a) Pizzarro had to pay a small fine
(b) The Spanish were ordered to leave Peru
(c) No action was taken
(d) Pizzarro was called back to Spain

6. The Audiencia of Hispaniola decided it was in the best interest to continue what?
(a) Exploring the New World
(b) Killing the natives
(c) Building ships
(d) The slave trade

7. In what year did the new commander come to Santa Marta?
(a) 1601
(b) 1378
(c) 1529
(d) 1411

8. How many people were tried for their actions in the New World by the Council of the Indies?
(a) 771
(b) 0
(c) 5,349
(d) 15

9. The German governor used the natives as what?
(a) Firewood
(b) Fishers
(c) Food
(d) Pack animals

10. What did the people know in Santa Marta?
(a) How to make guns
(b) How to extract gold
(c) How to predict the future
(d) How to hide from the Spanish

11. In what year did de Soto arrive in the Mainland?
(a) 1612
(b) 1399
(c) 1479
(d) 1538

12. Who confronted Juan Bono?
(a) The King of Spain
(b) Avila
(c) Fray Juan Fernandez
(d) De las Casas

13. De las Casas says that no one should doubt the kindness of whom?
(a) The Spanish
(b) Pizzarro
(c) The monks
(d) The natives

14. What information did Quesada demand in Bogota?
(a) Which man was king
(b) How to extract gold
(c) Who the heir was
(d) Where the gold was hidden

15. In what year was the river discovered?
(a) 1628
(b) 1413
(c) 1529
(d) 1472

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the soldiers feed to the dogs?

2. A Spanish commander's actions were reported to whom?

3. The river Yuyapari runs through which province?

4. What was Pizzarro's first act in the New World?

5. What were the people like in Florida?

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