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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long did it take for all of the people to be killed?
(a) Five years
(b) Two days
(c) Three months
(d) One year

2. What kind of reports were the Spanish in the New World sending to Spain?
(a) Detailed
(b) Death
(c) False
(d) Revolutionary

3. Who did the Spaniards take captive?
(a) Chief Paria
(b) Chief Alonso
(c) Chief Paniola
(d) Chief Higueroto

4. What did the natives hand over to the Friars?
(a) Their idols
(b) Their medicine
(c) Their gold
(d) Their first born sons

5. What did the people know in Santa Marta?
(a) How to make guns
(b) How to hide from the Spanish
(c) How to predict the future
(d) How to extract gold

6. What was one of the deadliest jobs for the native slaves?
(a) Hauling goods for the Spanish
(b) Mining for Gold
(c) Harvesting wild grains
(d) Pearl fishing

7. Pizzarro told the people of Tumba that he was going to make them members of what?
(a) His troop of soldiers
(b) The Council of the Indies
(c) A club of death
(d) The Spanish Crown

8. Who was king of New Granada?
(a) King Casas
(b) King Bacata
(c) King Soriano
(d) King Alonso

9. Which island did Juan Bono arrive on?
(a) Trinidad
(b) Cuba
(c) Pearl Island
(d) Paria

10. Who led the conquest of the Yucatan?
(a) Ferdinand de la Cristano
(b) Beltran de Avila
(c) Francisco de Montejo
(d) Hernan Cortes

11. What did one community do as the Spanish approached?
(a) Fled to the jungles
(b) Attacked the Spanish expedition
(c) Turned themselves over to the Spanish
(d) Killed themselves

12. The natives equated the word "Christian" with what?
(a) Savior
(b) Angel
(c) Devil
(d) Death

13. In what year did the new commander come to Santa Marta?
(a) 1411
(b) 1378
(c) 1529
(d) 1601

14. Why were the Friars forced to abandon the mission?
(a) The soldiers remained
(b) The Friars were all killed
(c) The King told them to
(d) They gave up their faith because of the injustices

15. The natives were told that who betrayed them?
(a) Their chief
(b) Dominican missionaries
(c) Slaves taken from the village
(d) The Spanish commander

Short Answer Questions

1. The Audiencia of Hispaniola decided it was in the best interest to continue what?

2. In what year did Angulo send his letter?

3. How many Castilians did Pizzarro ransom King Atahualpa for?

4. De las Casas says that no one should doubt the kindness of whom?

5. Why did the Spanish go to Santa Marta?

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