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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Spanish want that the Guatemalans didn't have?
(a) Gold
(b) Diamonds
(c) Slaves
(d) Horses

2. In 1511, the Spaniards landed where?
(a) Cuba
(b) Florida
(c) Bahamas
(d) Panama

3. What was the main Spanish policy toward the New World?
(a) To kill the natives
(b) To gain as much money as possible
(c) To exploit the resources in the New World
(d) To convert and save the natives

4. New Spain was founded in what year?
(a) 1699
(b) 1803
(c) 1432
(d) 1517

5. Which Christian missionary was present?
(a) Saura
(b) De Las Casas
(c) De Rey
(d) Castile

6. What did the Spanish do to the nobles and leaders?
(a) Stoned them
(b) Hung them
(c) Shot them
(d) Burned them

7. Who arrived in New Spain in 1525?
(a) Beltran Nuno de Guzman
(b) Antonio Christopher Bellan
(c) Alexandre de Pizzarro
(d) Ferdinand de las Gracia

8. How did the natives react to the Spanish when they landed?
(a) They welcomed them
(b) They were hesitant about the encounter
(c) They were scared
(d) They tried to kill them

9. The Spaniards said that they did everything in whose name?
(a) Columbus
(b) Christ
(c) The Queen
(d) The King

10. Which kingdom had the best sugar and climate?
(a) Maguana
(b) Xaraguá
(c) Higuey
(d) Marién

11. Which group was rounded up first for the Spanish?
(a) Orphans
(b) The Elderly
(c) Young women
(d) Young men

12. How many people remained on the two islands when the Spaniards were done killing the natives?
(a) 200
(b) 5,000
(c) 10,000
(d) 1,000

13. The area experienced a shortage of what food?
(a) Grain
(b) Milk
(c) Fish
(d) Honey

14. How many people were killed in Honduras?
(a) 5,000
(b) 400,000
(c) 2,000,000
(d) 11,000,000

15. What did Avila want to do with the area that he governed?
(a) Give it back to the natives
(b) Create his own kingdom
(c) Settle it with Spaniards
(d) Mine diamonds

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the native people who were not killed?

2. What happened to Hatuey?

3. Where did some of the native people try to escape to?

4. What did many natives do when threatened by the Spaniards?

5. The natives were given the choice of converting to Christianity and swearing allegiance to Spain or what other choice?

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