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Sheldon Vanauken
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does C.S. Lewis say Davy's death had to happen?
(a) For God to make a point.
(b) Because the devil exists.
(c) Because it is unavoidable.
(d) For the good of Van.

2. What did Van send with Davy's letter to C.S. Lewis in "The Way of Grief?"
(a) A picture of Davy.
(b) A letter of his own.
(c) Money.
(d) A Bible.

3. What does "second death" mean?
(a) A chance for the dead to mourn.
(b) A life spent never forgetting death.
(c) The death of two loved ones in the same year.
(d) Remembering the loss of a loved one.

4. What did the gust of wind in "The Way of Grief" make Van think of?
(a) Change.
(b) Rainbows.
(c) Sailing.
(d) Davy's hair.

5. How does C.S. Lewis describe Van and Davy's decision to not have children?
(a) A result of fear.
(b) An error.
(c) An excuse.
(d) A catastrophe.

6. Where did Davy work when she lived in Virginia?
(a) An accounting firm.
(b) A library.
(c) A school.
(d) A bank.

7. Why did Van want to reject Christ in "The Way of Grief?"
(a) He did not get a second sign for God.
(b) He found out Lewis lied to him.
(c) He was angry about losing Davy.
(d) He believed more in Buddhism.

8. What did Van pray for when he met Joy?
(a) Her soul being saved.
(b) Her help with his faith.
(c) Her recovery.
(d) He faith to return.

9. Where did Van and Davy pray in the country cemetery in "The Barrier Breached?"
(a) Under a tree.
(b) Inside a catacomb.
(c) On a wood bench.
(d) At a stone cross.

10. Where did Van leave some of Davy's ashes?
(a) At the stone cross.
(b) At Glenmerle.
(c) In England.
(d) In the hospital.

11. How many people did Van tell the doctor were praying for Davy in "The Deathly Snows?"
(a) 100.
(b) 1,000.
(c) 50.
(d) One.

12. Where did Van go when he wanted to reject Christ in "The Way of Grief?"
(a) The country.
(b) The city.
(c) The university.
(d) England.

13. What did Davy have with her in the hospital when she returned the second time?
(a) One of her paintings.
(b) Jane's letters.
(c) Julian's Bible.
(d) One of Van's poems.

14. How did Van start a social group in Virginia like the one he had at Oxford?
(a) He invited a student over.
(b) He called C.S. Lewis.
(c) He put up posters.
(d) He had Davy invite friends over.

15. What upset Van about his letters to Davy in "Epilogue: The Second Death?"
(a) He lost them.
(b) They were selfish.
(c) He no longer wrote "you."
(d) She did not want them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did C.S. Lewis respond to Van's analogy of the "Davies?"

2. How did Van get his students into a lively debate in "The Barrier Breached?"

3. What was Joy dying of?

4. Why does Lewis say the passing of time is necessary?

5. Who did Davy write a poem for in "The Barrier Breached?"

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