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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Freck joke about Barris owning?
(a) A pink scooter
(b) A Methedrine plant
(c) A knuckle duster
(d) A brothel

2. What does Freck see while on the psychedelics?
(a) A creature from another dimension
(b) A creature carrying his dead friends
(c) A creature with bad breath
(d) A creature who can only say the word addict

3. What does Arctor ask Donna if he can do?
(a) Kiss her
(b) Make coffee
(c) Hold her
(d) Make love to her

4. What does Barris want to smuggle across the border?
(a) Cocaine
(b) Hash
(c) Heroin
(d) Substance D

5. What drugs does Fred take in the bathroom?
(a) Cocaine
(b) Death tabs
(c) Crystals
(d) Opium

6. What is Barris reading a book about?
(a) Hashish
(b) Mushrooms
(c) Guns
(d) Cars

7. What border does Donna want to smuggle cocaine over?
(a) Brazilian border
(b) Mexican border
(c) Canadian border
(d) Alaskan border

8. What does Fred eat in the cafeteria?
(a) Soup
(b) A salad
(c) Goulash
(d) A sandwich

9. What does Arctor give Connie in exchange for sex?
(a) Books
(b) Food
(c) Drugs
(d) Alcohol

10. Why does Freck try to kill himself?
(a) He feels lonely
(b) He is depressed about his friends' lives
(c) He wants to sleep forever
(d) He cannot stop taking drugs

11. Who does Arctor imagine Connie is?
(a) Hank
(b) Luckman
(c) Donna
(d) Barris

12. What is the lockmith's name?
(a) Carl
(b) David
(c) Peter
(d) Frank

13. What does Barris want to use to smuggle hash over the border?
(a) A robot
(b) A mannequin
(c) A skateboard
(d) A truck

14. What does Fred think the poem captures?
(a) The experiences of a drug dealer
(b) The experiences of a nark
(c) His childhood
(d) His parents relationship

15. What does Donna plan to use to smuggle cocaine?
(a) Her backside
(b) Her cleavage
(c) Her ears
(d) Her vagina

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Barris identify himself as?

2. What does Arctor say will linger in his heart forever?

3. What does Arctor presume the $20 the locksmith wants is for?

4. Why does Freck leave Arctor's house?

5. What does Luckman claim Donna likes to steal?

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