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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Charles last see Donna?
(a) In a shop
(b) At a party
(c) At Bob's house
(d) At work

2. Where does Charles say Jerry is staying?
(a) Number Six Federal Clinic
(b) Number Three Federal Clinic
(c) New-Path
(d) Bob Arctor's house

3. What book does Fabin use to research bugs?
(a) Giddon's Encyclopedia
(b) The Oxford Book of Bugs
(c) The Britannica
(d) The Oracle

4. Where does Arctor think Weeks is hiding out?
(a) His girlfriend's house
(b) A New-Path center
(c) The sewers
(d) An abandoned building

5. How does Kinberly react when Arctor offers to take her to a friend's?
(a) She threatens him with a gun
(b) She scratches him
(c) She screams at him
(d) She kisses him

6. What animal does Fred say he sees in the drawing?
(a) An eagle
(b) A rabbit
(c) A greyhound
(d) A sheep

7. What does Luckman say the people who are after Arctor may have done to his house?
(a) Gassed it
(b) Burned it down
(c) Ransacked it
(d) Knocked down the door

8. What does Barris say he will help Charles do for 98 cents?
(a) Kill Arctor
(b) Lay Donna
(c) Find work
(d) Start a drug business

9. What do straights think Arctor looks like?
(a) A hippie doper
(b) A family man
(c) A drug pusher
(d) A homeless man

10. Where does Freck think he should go for detoxification?
(a) Betty Ford
(b) The Right-Way
(c) Samson's
(d) New-Path

11. What has Barris made his silencer from?
(a) Aluminum and rubber
(b) Iron and plastic
(c) Copper and rubber
(d) Steel and rubber

12. What is the street name for the drug called slow death?
(a) Yellow
(b) Amphetamine
(c) Substance D
(d) Substance G

13. What part of Arctor's car does not work?
(a) The clutch
(b) The electric windows
(c) The gears
(d) The brakes

14. What does Fabin frequently spray himself with?
(a) Tan spray
(b) Deodrant
(c) Bug spray
(d) Hair spray

15. Where does Donna work?
(a) An internet cafe
(b) A garage
(c) A perfume shop
(d) A flower shop

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Solarcaine contain?

2. What type of bugs does Fabin believe is plaguing him?

3. How do some narks become very rich?

4. What is the name of the 13-year -ld kid that tried to hold up a Pontiac?

5. Who does Arctor have to edit out of the tapes?

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