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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Barris say he will help Charles do for 98 cents?
(a) Start a drug business
(b) Kill Arctor
(c) Lay Donna
(d) Find work

2. What is Kimberly's job?
(a) Secretary
(b) Prostitute
(c) Pimp
(d) Drug dealer

3. What does Arctor accuse Barris of poisoning him with?
(a) Bad water
(b) Bad food
(c) Bad alcohol
(d) Bad drugs

4. What does the New-Path reception staff berate Arctor for doing?
(a) Abusing drugs
(b) Offering no money
(c) Being rude
(d) Asking for private information

5. What does Fabin frequently spray himself with?
(a) Deodrant
(b) Tan spray
(c) Bug spray
(d) Hair spray

6. Where does Donna work?
(a) An internet cafe
(b) A flower shop
(c) A garage
(d) A perfume shop

7. What do straights think Arctor looks like?
(a) A family man
(b) A drug pusher
(c) A homeless man
(d) A hippie doper

8. What does Donna say she has an interesting book about?
(a) Undercover police
(b) Opium
(c) Wolves
(d) Mushrooms

9. What does Arctor ask the audience if they would steal money for?
(a) Insulin
(b) Aspirin
(c) Heroin
(d) Substance D

10. What is the name of the drug runner Arctor has been assigned to look for?
(a) Jim Barris
(b) Ernie Luckhurst
(c) David Formby
(d) Spade Weeks

11. Who does Arctor say is the people most unlikely to kill animals?
(a) Children
(b) Straights
(c) Police officers
(d) Drug addicts

12. Why do some drug dealers become narks?
(a) To try to understand their enemies
(b) To destroy their enemies
(c) To get off drugs
(d) For the security

13. Where does Charles say Jerry is staying?
(a) New-Path
(b) Number Six Federal Clinic
(c) Number Three Federal Clinic
(d) Bob Arctor's house

14. Why is the silencer no good?
(a) It burns up
(b) It blocks the bullet
(c) It keeps falling off
(d) It amplifies noise

15. Who does Arctor have to edit out of the tapes?
(a) Donna
(b) Luckman
(c) Himself
(d) Barris

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luckman say the people who are after Arctor may have done to his house?

2. What drug is Kimberly addicted to?

3. What does Arctor see covering the engine?

4. What is the name of Bob Arctor's girl?

5. What is the street name for the drug called slow death?

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