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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kinberly react when Arctor offers to take her to a friend's?
(a) She screams at him
(b) She threatens him with a gun
(c) She scratches him
(d) She kisses him

2. What does Fabin use to collect the bugs?
(a) Jars
(b) Glasses
(c) A net
(d) A box

3. What did the teenage girl's brothers do for a living?
(a) Make films
(b) Collect debts
(c) Deal guns
(d) Deal drugs

4. What does Arctor mix the Solarcaine with?
(a) Salt
(b) Paprika
(c) Pepper
(d) Baking soda

5. What do Charles and Barris purchase from the 7-11?
(a) Cellophane
(b) Substance D
(c) Solarcaine
(d) Deodrant

6. What does Hank want to use Arctor's house for?
(a) A police center
(b) A drug den
(c) A rehab center
(d) A cafe

7. What does Barris say he will help Charles do for 98 cents?
(a) Lay Donna
(b) Find work
(c) Kill Arctor
(d) Start a drug business

8. Why do some drug dealers become narks?
(a) To destroy their enemies
(b) To get off drugs
(c) To try to understand their enemies
(d) For the security

9. What is the name of Bob Arctor's girl?
(a) Daisy
(b) Doris
(c) Donna
(d) Lauren

10. What is Donna's last name?
(a) Hawthorne
(b) Barris
(c) Freck
(d) Luckman

11. Who does Freck want to make look like a fool?
(a) Arctor
(b) Barris
(c) Luckman
(d) Donna

12. Where does Charles say Jerry is staying?
(a) New-Path
(b) Number Six Federal Clinic
(c) Bob Arctor's house
(d) Number Three Federal Clinic

13. Which of the following did Arctor's roommates say was broken?
(a) A periscope
(b) A telescope
(c) A cephalochromosope
(d) A sellophanebipedal

14. Who does Arctor call?
(a) Fabin
(b) Donna
(c) Jim Barris
(d) Hank

15. What kind of speech does Arctor have to perform?
(a) A child abuse speech
(b) An anti drug speech
(c) A pro drug speech
(d) A criminal watch speech

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Donna say she has an interesting book about?

2. What tipped the men off to the fact Fred had a hempishere split?

3. Who fixes Arctor's car for $30?

4. What is Kimberly's job?

5. What does Arctor see covering the engine?

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