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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the 13-year -ld kid that tried to hold up a Pontiac?
(a) Wellhard
(b) Ratass
(c) Juniper
(d) Hotcakes

2. What does Dan Mancher do for a living?
(a) A mechanic
(b) An engineer
(c) A drug dealer
(d) A pimp

3. What does Luckman think the intruders could harm?
(a) Their drugs
(b) Their cars
(c) Their clothes
(d) Their pets

4. What does the New-Path reception staff berate Arctor for doing?
(a) Offering no money
(b) Abusing drugs
(c) Asking for private information
(d) Being rude

5. What drug is Kimberly addicted to?
(a) Crystal
(b) Substance D
(c) Amphetimine
(d) Heroin

6. What is Jerry employed as?
(a) A bus conductor
(b) A brake repairman
(c) A ticket inspector
(d) A tire groover

7. Where does Charles say Jerry is staying?
(a) Number Three Federal Clinic
(b) Bob Arctor's house
(c) New-Path
(d) Number Six Federal Clinic

8. Why does Arctor have to edit himself out of the tapes?
(a) So he does not get confused
(b) So he can show the others the tape
(c) So he can concentrate on the others
(d) So his identity remains unknown

9. What is the animal in the drawing?
(a) A greyhound
(b) An eagle
(c) A sheep
(d) A cow

10. Why does Arctor take his two housemates away from the house?
(a) So the police can bug it
(b) So he can set up a surprise party
(c) So the police can ransack the house
(d) So he can talk to them

11. What does Arctor ask the audience if they would steal money for?
(a) Heroin
(b) Substance D
(c) Insulin
(d) Aspirin

12. What does Arctor accuse Barris of poisoning him with?
(a) Bad drugs
(b) Bad alcohol
(c) Bad water
(d) Bad food

13. Who does Fred think informed the police that he was a suspicious character?
(a) Fabin
(b) Barris
(c) Donna
(d) Hank

14. What is Kimberly's job?
(a) Secretary
(b) Pimp
(c) Drug dealer
(d) Prostitute

15. What do the three men find in the ashtray when they get back home?
(a) A burning cigarette
(b) A condom
(c) A empty cigarette packet
(d) A hot roach

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Special Agent Fred also known as?

2. What animal does Fred say he sees in the drawing?

3. What is the name of the suit Fred is wearing?

4. What is Donna's last name?

5. How do some narks become very rich?

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