A Scanner Darkly Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Jerry try to get rid of the aphids?

Jerry is convinced that he is plagued with bugs. He buys bug spray and sprays himself. When this does not work he takes a number of long hot showers and forces his dog to do the same.

2. Describe Jerry's life.

Jerry is employed as a brake repairman at Handy Brake and Tire. He lives in a cheap plastic house in California. Jerry has covered all the windows on his house with spray paint so he can see no difference between day and night.

3. Why does Donna decline to go and see Jerry at the clinic?

Charles asks Donna if she wants to come with him to see Jerry. She declines because the last time she saw him he was angry at her for infecting him with bugs. She thinks that his receptor sites in his brain have been permanently damaged.

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