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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 (pages 161-174).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of speech does Arctor have to perform?
(a) A pro drug speech
(b) An anti drug speech
(c) A child abuse speech
(d) A criminal watch speech

2. What do Fred's fellow agents say Barris' mushroom is likely to be?
(a) Unwashed
(b) Deadly
(c) Toxic
(d) Hallugenic

3. What does Arctor think Barris may have given him?
(a) Poisoned mushrooms
(b) A sexually transmitted disease
(c) Dirty money
(d) A poisoned cup of tea

4. What do straights think Arctor looks like?
(a) A hippie doper
(b) A homeless man
(c) A family man
(d) A drug pusher

5. What was Fabin's older brother according to Luckman's comedy routine?
(a) A drug dealer
(b) A woman
(c) An aphid
(d) Substance D

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Solarcaine contain?

2. What has Barris left for Donna?

3. What does Freck do when he thinks about all his friends who are junkies?

4. Why is the silencer no good?

5. What type of bugs does Fabin believe is plaguing him?

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