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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 (pages 209-238).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problem did Thelma Kornford have?
(a) Bug problem
(b) Love problem
(c) Drug problem
(d) Stalker problem

2. What is the name of the girl Arctor brings back to have sex with?
(a) Connie
(b) Lizzie
(c) Lauren
(d) Anna

3. What are Arctor and Barris working on when Freck arrives?
(a) Arctor's Cephoscope
(b) Barris' silencer
(c) Arctor's car
(d) Arctor's house

4. What tipped the men off to the fact Fred had a hempishere split?
(a) A meeting with Hank
(b) A conversation with Barris
(c) A telephone call
(d) The Lion's club speech

5. What did the teenage girl's brothers do for a living?
(a) Make films
(b) Deal drugs
(c) Deal guns
(d) Collect debts

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has Jerry Fabin been terrorized by for months?

2. Who does Connie morph into?

3. What is the name of the suit Fred is wearing?

4. Where did Charles last see Donna?

5. What has Barris promised to fix?

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