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Yard Guard

Jerry Fabin buys this at the 7-11 grocery store. He has found that this is the best brand of bug spray to use against the aphids.

Substance D

This is a highly addictive illegal drug. It is also known as slow death.


This is Bob Arctor's most treasured possession. He turns it on whenever he is at home. It is a device that seems to be used for recreation and relaxation.

Fiddler's Three

This is a coffee shop in Santa Ana, California. Charles Freck and Jim Barris eat a meal there.


This is the name of a chain of residence centers where drug users go to kick their habit.

Room 203

This is a psychology-testing lab. It is a sterile white room with steel fixtures. All the furniture is bolted to the floor.

Bob Arctor's house

Bob Arctor...

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