A Scanner Darkly Character Descriptions

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Robert Arctor - He serves as an undercover narcotics agent. When he is undercover, he dresses, talks, and feels like a hippie. He tells his friends that he works at the Blue Chip Redemption Stamp Center in Placentia.

Charles Freck - He is a drug addict who feels a deep sadness for the effects that drugs have had on him. He mourns for all of the users like himself who have messed up their lives with drugs

Jerry Fabin - After damaging his brain with the drug, Substance D, he starts to believe that bugs are plaguing him. He believes that the bugs that infest his home are biting aphids. Before he is taken to the hospital for detoxification, he spends all his time trying to rid himself of the bugs. He sprays his home and his body with bug spray, and he takes long hot showers...

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