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Chapter 1 (pages 1-20)

• Jeff Fabin believes bugs are plaguing him. He frequently sprays himself with bug spray and spends hours standing under a hot shower.

• Jerry is employed as a brake repairman. He lives in a cheap house in California.

• Charles Freck visits Jerry. Charles helps Jerry collect aphids into a jar.

• Charles phones a drug dealer to ask for some Substance D, but the dealer tells him that there is currently a shortage.
• Charles drives to the shopping mall where he sees Bob Arctor's girlfriend, Donna.

• Donna tells Charles she can get him some Substance D in a few days.

Chapter 2 (pages 21-36)

• Special Agent Fred, also the character Bob Arctor, speaks before the Anaheim Lions Club. Fred wears a scramble suit which projects a different set of physical characteristics each nanosecond.

• Arctor is giving the audience an anti drug speech when he suddenly departs from his...

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