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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Spenser and Candy received at the place they look for Sam Felton, in Chapter 16?
(a) They are escorted out by security.
(b) They are invited to wait for Sam.
(c) They are not allowed in.
(d) They go unnoticed.

2. What does Spenser do when Candy goes on a first dinner date after she is taken off the corruption story?
(a) Follows her.
(b) Calls Susan.
(c) Checks flights on the Internet.
(d) Goes to a bar for dinner.

3. Where does Spenser follow Candy and Peter Brewster on the night someone plans to meet with Franco?
(a) To his apartment.
(b) To an oil field.
(c) To Summit Studios.
(d) To the Oceania Properties office.

4. Where does Spenser go at 9:40 the morning after he reports a murder?
(a) To Summit Studios.
(b) To the hospital.
(c) For a run.
(d) To Peter Brewster's office.

5. Why does Candy tell Spenser that she believes Franco killed Felton, after she is told to stop investigating the story?
(a) To cover up something bigger than a blackmail scam.
(b) To protect Peter Brewster.
(c) To hide another murder.
(d) To cover up a drug operation being run out of the studio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Candy and Spenser eat lunch with at the beginning of Chapter 19?

2. What does Spenser tell Candy they have in Chapter 17?

3. How does Candy feel about the possibility that Peter Brewster might harm her?

4. Why doesn't Candy want to talk to Samuelson?

5. Who is Rollie Simms?

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