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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks Candy out to dinner shortly after she is taken off the corruption story?
(a) Detective Samuelson.
(b) Peter Brewster.
(c) John Arsenault.
(d) Roger Hammond.

2. What do Candy and Spenser argue about after Samuelson leaves?
(a) Talking to the police.
(b) Keeping Candy safe.
(c) Samuelson and Susan.
(d) Telling Mickey what Samuelson said.

3. What message is at Candy's house the day after Samuelson's visit?
(a) A phone message.
(b) A note from a police detective on a business card.
(c) A note on a rock thrown through the window.
(d) A letter.

4. Who wants to see Spenser prosecuted for assault and kidnapping?
(a) Rollie Simms.
(b) Patrick Brewster.
(c) Detective Samuelson.
(d) The District Attorney.

5. By the end of Chapter 18, who does Spenser suspect of being behind the bribes, murders, and the attacks on Candy?
(a) Sam Felton.
(b) Roger Hammond.
(c) Franco.
(d) Peter Brewster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes the roles Candy assigns herself and Spenser in Chapter 12?

2. Who does Candy tell Spenser is blackmailing someone else when they have dinner together in Chapter 23?

3. Where does Candy invite Spenser in Chapter 22?

4. What is discovered in the dumpster at a Holiday Inn?

5. Why does a news crew come to Peter Brewster's office?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Spenser's relationship with Detective Samuelson.

2. Why does Candy hinder the police investigation into Mickey Rafferty's death?

3. How does Candy react to being told to stop working on the corruption investigation story?

4. Why does Spenser decide to tell Detective Samuelson about the bribe?

5. Why does Spenser refuse the extra week's pay he is offered by Candy's boss?

6. How do Candy and Spenser get into Sam Felton's house?

7. What leads Spenser to suspect that Sam Felton is behind the attacks on Candy?

8. Does Candy feel safe around Peter Brewster?

9. How does Candy feel about using sex to get information from Peter Brewster?

10. What does Spenser do after finding Candy's dead body?

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