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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Peter Brewster's car when Spenser returns to it after following the loud noises?
(a) It has exploded.
(b) It is gone.
(c) It is headed staight at him.
(d) The recording is still playing.

2. By the end of Chapter 18, who does Spenser suspect of being behind the bribes, murders, and the attacks on Candy?
(a) Franco.
(b) Roger Hammond.
(c) Sam Felton.
(d) Peter Brewster.

3. What do Candy and Spenser argue about after Samuelson leaves?
(a) Samuelson and Susan.
(b) Talking to the police.
(c) Keeping Candy safe.
(d) Telling Mickey what Samuelson said.

4. What does Spenser find when he first approaches Peter Brewster's car the night of the meeting with Franco?
(a) It is empty.
(b) Smoke billowing from the engine.
(c) A recorded message still playing.
(d) Candy and Peter kissing.

5. Where does Spenser go, after finding the dead bodies?
(a) Summit Studios.
(b) Peter Brewster's house.
(c) Candy's house.
(d) The hospital.

6. Who kills the young blond man in Chapter 17?
(a) Franco.
(b) Sam Felton.
(c) Candy.
(d) It's unknown.

7. What does Candy think that Peter Brewster believes?
(a) That she is in love with him.
(b) That he can get out of the blackmail incident.
(c) That he is acting on behalf of someone he loves.
(d) That he is in love with her.

8. What was Sam Felton's involvement in the corruption?
(a) He was related to the loan shark.
(b) He was blackmailing Roger Hammond.
(c) Skimming money.
(d) He was Roger Hammond's half-brother.

9. What is Candy's response when Spenser tries to console her in Chapter 12?
(a) She breaks down in tears.
(b) She kisses him and initiates sex.
(c) She won't let him console her.
(d) She relaxes and apologizes.

10. How does Spenser respond to the offer he receives from the person in Chapter 19?
(a) He refuses.
(b) He accepts, but later changes his mind.
(c) He says he'll think about it.
(d) He accepts.

11. Who does Spenser decide to tell about Mickey's involvement in the corruption story, in Chapter 18?
(a) Officer LaFountain.
(b) Rachel Wallace.
(c) Detective Samuelson.
(d) Candy's boss.

12. What does Spenser tell Candy they have in Chapter 17?
(a) Proof that Mickey was involved with the corruption.
(b) 15 minutes to meet with a police detective.
(c) Proof that Franco killed Mickey.
(d) A recording of evidence.

13. Where does Spenser go after Candy is told to stop investigating the corruption story?
(a) Peter Brewster's guest house.
(b) Candy's house.
(c) A hotel near the private hangar.
(d) An apartment provided by the station.

14. Who does Candy say she is angry with when Spenser tries to console her in Chapter 12?
(a) Roger Hammond.
(b) Peter Brewster.
(c) All men.
(d) Spenser.

15. Why doesn't Candy want to talk to Samuelson?
(a) She is afraid he will report back to Sam Felton.
(b) She doesn't trust Samuelson.
(c) He broke her heart.
(d) She is afraid she won't get to break the story.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is revealed about Mickey when a police officer comes to Candy's house?

2. What best describes Candy's condition the morning after she is told to stop investigating the corruption story?

3. Why does a news crew come to Peter Brewster's office?

4. Who do Candy and Spenser suspect keeps sending the thugs after them?

5. What event has Candy upset in the beginning of Chapter 12?

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