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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mickey's job?
(a) Stunt man.
(b) Personal assistant.
(c) Camera man.
(d) Security guard.

2. Who drives the car on the way back from the meeting with Roger Hammond?
(a) No one, the engine won't start.
(b) Candy.
(c) Spenser.
(d) No one, the tires are flat.

3. Who do Candy and Spenser go to visit the day after their visit to Roger Hammond?
(a) Carol Zogby.
(b) Peter Brewster.
(c) Detective Odell.
(d) LuAnn Ramsey.

4. What does Spenser note about Los Angeles in Chapter 3?
(a) People look different than they do in Boston.
(b) Two streets have the same name.
(c) It's sunny and smoggy at the same time.
(d) They have fresh fruit everywhere.

5. What does Spenser tell Candy to do when he calls her at the end of Chapter 7?
(a) To get her car and drive straight home.
(b) To get her car and pick him up.
(c) To call Mickey and have him pick her up.
(d) To stay hidden.

6. Who is Mickey Rafferty?
(a) A driver for the station that Candy works for.
(b) The concierge at Spenser's hotel.
(c) Candy Sloan's brother.
(d) Candy Sloan's would-be boyfriend.

7. What does Spenser notice as he and Candy are leaving Summit Studios?
(a) Richard Hammond is arguing with his secretary.
(b) There is a camera in their vehicle.
(c) His cell phone is missing.
(d) They are being followed.

8. Where does Spenser stay during Candy's recovery?
(a) Next door at Mickey's.
(b) In his hotel.
(c) In the apartment above her garage.
(d) In her house.

9. Who gave Spenser the material he is reading when the novel opens?
(a) His girlfriend.
(b) The librarian.
(c) His mother.
(d) His co-worker.

10. Why do Spenser and Candy stop at the Farmer's Market in Chapter 7?
(a) To buy vegetables for dinner.
(b) To talk to a farmer who knows Hammond.
(c) To escape being followed.
(d) To meet with a potential informant.

11. In Chapter 7, who tells Candy that he thinks Roger Hammond is lying?
(a) Mike Wallace.
(b) Steve Butler.
(c) Spenser.
(d) Mickey.

12. What do Spenser and Candy do the night they meet with Roger Hammond and have drinks together?
(a) Break into an office.
(b) Go skinny-dipping.
(c) Observe a beating.
(d) Sleep together.

13. Where is the first place Candy goes at the Farmer's Market in Chapter 7?
(a) A stall selling berries.
(b) A stall selling lettuce and bok choy.
(c) The concession stand.
(d) The bathroom.

14. What does Candy tell the person that she and Spenser go to see after leaving the Farmer's Market?
(a) This she has information the person wants.
(b) That she knows what this person has done.
(c) This this investigation could make her career.
(d) That she has been ill.

15. What does Roger Hammond want from Candy after she shares her suspicions?
(a) Her phone number.
(b) Updates on her progress.
(c) The name of her source.
(d) To help in the investigation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes Mickey Rafferty's mood when Spenser first meets him?

2. Why do Spenser and Candy return to his hotel before she goes back to work, after her recovery?

3. Who else is present when Candy and Spenser make their visit to the Oceania offices?

4. What does Roger Hammond promise Candy he will do?

5. Where does Spenser go by plane in Chapter 2?

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