A Savage Place Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Spenser's personality.

Spenser's personality is defined by a quirky sense of humor. He is a hard worker who is well-respected despite a tendency to be a bit irreverent. He seems to form good relationships with others, as indicated by the reference from a former client.

2. Is Spenser an intelligent person?

Spenser is an intelligent person, as evidenced by his success as a private investigator. His willingness to read a biography by a poet of the same name shows that he is open to learning new things.

3. How does Spenser first hear about Candy Sloan?

Spenser first hears about Candy Sloan from a former client named Rachel Wallace. Rachel is referring Candy to Spenser because she was happy with the work he did for her.

4. Why does Candy Sloan need a bodyguard?

Candy Sloan needs a bodyguard because she has received threats related to an investigation she is pursuing on corruption in the movie industry. Her studio has agreed to pay for a guard to keep her safe.

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