A Savage Place Character Descriptions

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This character is a private investigator who works out of Boston and is hired as a bodyguard.

Candy Sloan

This person is a television reporter in Los Angeles who investigates corruption in the movie industry.

Mickey Rafferty

This character works as a stunt double and is killed after witnessing a bribe.

Sam Felton

This movie producer works for Summit Pictures and pays a bribe to a mobster.

Roger Hammond

The head of Summit Pictures, this person goes to the mob after misspending studio funds.

Peter Brewster

This character is the president of Oceania Properties and kills another character in an oil field.

Rollie Simms

This person is the chief of security at Oceania Properties and shoots two other characters.

Detective Samuelson

This character is a homicide detective assigned to solve the first two murders in the novel.

Francisco Montenegro

This character is a mob enforcer who beats...

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