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Chapter Abstracts

Chapters 1-2

* Former client, Rachel Wallace, contacts Spenser with a client referral.

* Journalist Candy Sloan hires Spenser to act as her bodyguard as she investigates a corruption story.

* Spenser flies to Los Angeles and meets Candy Sloan.

Chapter 3

* Mickey Rafferty tells Spenser that Candy Sloan was injured and brings him to her home.

* Candy Sloan tells Spenser she was abducted and beaten by two men in a van.

* Mickey attempts to hit Spenser but is easily overpowered.

Chapters 4-5

* Mickey reveals that he witnessed a bribe between Sam Felton and a mobster.

* Spenser stays at Candy's during her recovery.

* Candy and Spenser share her accusations with Roger Hammond and are kicked out of his office.

Chapters 6-7

* Roger Hammond has Candy and Spenser escorted to their cars.

* Spenser notices that he and Candy are being followed.

* Spenser learns that the man who abducted Candy also hired the man...

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