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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stayed at Lost Boys Fishing Lodge right before Tully arrived?
(a) Walter Cronkite.
(b) Matt Lauer.
(c) Tom Brokaw.
(d) Dan Rather.

2. Where did Butch Cassidy run away to?
(a) Patagonia.
(b) Belize.
(c) Key West.
(d) Paris.

3. Who gives Tully the Heimlich when he is choking at dinner?
(a) Captain Kirk.
(b) Wille Singer.
(c) Donna Kay.
(d) Sammy Raye.

4. Before Tully confesses the truth, Donna Kay is afraid that Tully is wanted in Wyoming for what?
(a) Poaching.
(b) Murder.
(c) Fraud.
(d) Embezzlement.

5. Who is Cleopatra looking for when she comes ashore at the beach in Tulum?
(a) Tully.
(b) Dr. Weller.
(c) Dr. Walker.
(d) Ix-Nay.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of mask does Tully wear to get past one of the bounty hunters?

2. What does Archie call Ix-Nay?

3. What does Tully hand to Cleopatra as the Lucretia sails to Punta Margarita from Tulum?

4. In what movie was the schooner that Lucretia used?

5. What does Cleopatra send Tully to the market for the night she has a heart attack?

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