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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 | Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the spirit world that Ix-Nay visits?
(a) Xibalba.
(b) Xaviar.
(c) Xanadu.
(d) Xilboa.

2. Who is Donna Kay marrying?
(a) Clark Gable.
(b) Bucky Dent.
(c) Sammy Raye.
(d) Rhett Butler.

3. Where did Tully first see the Heart of the Andes?
(a) Laramie Art Museum.
(b) The Louvre.
(c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(d) Key West Museum of Art.

4. Ix-Nay is a Mayan __________.
(a) Huta.
(b) Hunan.
(c) Hannon.
(d) Hevon.

5. Where is Tully heading when his jeep falls into a large pothole?
(a) Xiallaboa.
(b) Tulum.
(c) Cabo San Lucus.
(d) Cayo Loco.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who stayed at Lost Boys Fishing Lodge right before Tully arrived?

2. Who is Tully playing baseball with in his dream aboard the Lucretia?

3. The island Punta Margarita was originally inhabited by ___________.

4. Whose voice does Tully hear on the wind blowing through the tree house?

5. What is Hector listening to in the guardhouse when Tully and Cleopatra come to bribe him to get to the lighthouse?

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