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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game are Campbell and Greene playing in the NCO's tent when Caputo enters?
(a) Canasta
(b) Cribbage
(c) Poker
(d) Gin Rummy

2. What is the first offensive mission?
(a) Advance and wait
(b) Hit and run
(c) Hide and ambush
(d) Search and destroy

3. What is the result for half of the men after they return from Cinderella Liberty?
(a) Dysentary for three days
(b) Denial of any further liberty
(c) Monster hangovers and Venereal Disease
(d) Bad cases of alcohol poisoning from cheap whiskey

4. What position does Battalion Headquarters take on identifying a Viet Cong?
(a) If the acts suspiciously, he is a Viet Cong.
(b) If he has a Russian made gun, he is a Viet Cong.
(c) If he attempts to hide, he is a Viet Cong.
(d) If he is dead and Vietnamese, he is a Viet Cong.

5. What names does Caputo recall from his platoon?
(a) Men who always followed his orders to the letter
(b) Men who caused him the most grief
(c) Men with whom he played poker and drank beer
(d) Men who either died or were severely wounded in combat

6. What does Lieutenant Tester want to know about Caputo's trip to Japan?
(a) The girls
(b) The new arrivals
(c) The bars
(d) The weather

7. What do the bar girls insist on before they will leave with a Marine?
(a) He must buy them one drink.
(b) He must pay them up front for their services.
(c) He must go shower.
(d) He must get tested by a vietnamese doctor.

8. At the new command, what does Caputo say the men do?
(a) They work as extras for McHale's Navy.
(b) They do hours of calisthenics.
(c) They play in the jungle by day and drink with the prostitutes by night.
(d) They carve monkey faces in coconuts.

9. How does Caputo describe the feelings of the men after the destruction of the village Giao-Tri?
(a) There is great shock at how they went mad in the destruction.
(b) They are believing that there are no civilians in war.
(c) The men wonder if that could ever happen in America.
(d) The men are learning to hate those who give succor to the enemy.

10. What does Caputo say accounts for many other casualties?
(a) Disorientation resulting in wandering from the camp
(b) Sunstroke and accidents, accidental discharges of weapons, and disease
(c) Heavy artillery fire that came mostly at night
(d) Suicides and in-fighting

11. How does Caputo explain Peterson's walking away and not looking at Sullivan after he is shot?
(a) He has no patience for stupidity.
(b) He never could stand the sight of blood.
(c) That is the way he is; he really loves this company.
(d) He thinks Marines have to be too tough.

12. What do they learn about military plans in the bush?
(a) Nothing ever happens according to plan.
(b) Their Quantico training has really paid off.
(c) Why there are always contingencies.
(d) How to avoid surprise.

13. Where does Caputo go after being shown his sleeping quarters?
(a) To the officers mess to get something to eat.
(b) Back to Danang for a 2-day liberty.
(c) Back up the hill to retrieve his belongings.
(d) To battalion HQ for a briefing.

14. What does Lemmon tell Caputo that Sullivan is doing when he gets shot?
(a) Cleaning his rifle
(b) Patrolling the area
(c) Filling canteens at the river
(d) Operating the radio

15. How does the adjutant's quarters look as Caputo returns to Vietnam?
(a) A water-soaked tent with makeshift furniture
(b) A dugout with sandbag walls and a bamboo roof
(c) A prefab building with airconditioning
(d) A revamped box car

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes up Caputo's first command?

2. At what age does Philip Caputo enlist in the Marine Corps?

3. How does Caputo's attempt to get closer to his men on leave in Danang work out?

4. Where are most of the men when the orders come to deploy to Vietnam?

5. How does the Marine frontal assault look to Caputo?

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