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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous speech inspires Caputo to join the military?
(a) FDR's "Nothing to Fear" speech.
(b) King's "I have a dream" speech.
(c) Kennedy's inaugral "Ask what you can do for your country" speech.
(d) Marc Anthony's "I came not to praise Caesar" speech

2. What does Caputo speculate about in regard to mines remaining in an area where the RPs are supposed to have cleared them?
(a) Either they are lazy or Viet Cong who had inflitrated them, leave the mines in place.
(b) There are just too many to find all of them.
(c) The RFs lack the necessary equipment to do the job right.
(d) The RFs often clear the wrong field because of communication problems.

3. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?
(a) An attack helicopter goes ahead of them to strafe the area.
(b) The Hill 267 howitzers shell near the place where they are.
(c) The invisible enemy opens automatic sniper fire on them.
(d) They get lost and go around in a circle.

4. What occurs as Caputo walks through the elephant grass in the jungle?
(a) He walks up on an Asian elephant.
(b) He is almost shot by Lance Corporal Skates.
(c) He comes face to face with a viet Cong.
(d) He steps on a land mine that fortunately does not detonate.

5. What booby traps are observed on the trail after fording the river?
(a) Trenches, spider holes for snipers, pangee traps, and rows of sharp, angled stakes
(b) Poison stakes placed so that they are unseen until they scratch the skin
(c) Trip wires and mines
(d) Vines rigged to pull a man into the air

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Caputo's first command?

2. What does Caputo say accounts for many other casualties?

3. What are some of the things Caputo learns in Marine training?

4. What is everyone told about the war in the first briefing Caputo attends?

5. What do they experience on their first night?

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