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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Caputo say he learns later about the war in Vietnam?
(a) That nine-tenths of the time is waiting for the other one-tenth to happen.
(b) That there is never enough time to relax.
(c) That the Viet Cong ha plants in his platoon.
(d) That there would be days when there is no fighting.

2. At the new command, what does Caputo say the men do?
(a) They work as extras for McHale's Navy.
(b) They play in the jungle by day and drink with the prostitutes by night.
(c) They do hours of calisthenics.
(d) They carve monkey faces in coconuts.

3. What reality soon sets in for Caputo?
(a) He has not been properly prepared by the Marines.
(b) Battles are fought in the jungle with Viet Cong who refuse to play by the rules learned in military training.
(c) He will never get to see military action.
(d) He has made a big mistake in joining the Marines.

4. Who seems to know what will happen better than the soldiers?
(a) The telephone operators
(b) The prostitutes
(c) The messhall cooks
(d) The chaplains

5. What position does Battalion Headquarters take on identifying a Viet Cong?
(a) If he is dead and Vietnamese, he is a Viet Cong.
(b) If he attempts to hide, he is a Viet Cong.
(c) If the acts suspiciously, he is a Viet Cong.
(d) If he has a Russian made gun, he is a Viet Cong.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the stated interest of the U. S. government for war in Vietnam?

2. What is the real resistance walking from the L to the Vietnamese village?

3. How does Gonzales become the first casualty of Caputo's platoon?

4. What happens with the ARVN scouts in the first offensive action?

5. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?

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