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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What names does Caputo recall from his platoon?
(a) Men who always followed his orders to the letter
(b) Men who caused him the most grief
(c) Men with whom he played poker and drank beer
(d) Men who either died or were severely wounded in combat

2. Where is Caputo's first command?
(a) Danang, Vietnam
(b) Okinawa, Japan
(c) Seoul, Korea
(d) The Philippines

3. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?
(a) The invisible enemy opens automatic sniper fire on them.
(b) An attack helicopter goes ahead of them to strafe the area.
(c) They get lost and go around in a circle.
(d) The Hill 267 howitzers shell near the place where they are.

4. What is the refrain the sergeant teaches the men during war training?
(a) Remember the Alamo!
(b) She won't do it but her sister will!
(c) Ambush is murder and murder is fun!
(d) This is my rifle and this is my gun!

5. At the new command, what does Caputo say the men do?
(a) They carve monkey faces in coconuts.
(b) They work as extras for McHale's Navy.
(c) They do hours of calisthenics.
(d) They play in the jungle by day and drink with the prostitutes by night.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Caputo choose to enlist with the Marines?

2. What is the feeling of the brigade as the offensive begins?

3. What is the aim of Caputo's first entry into combat?

4. What is Big Ivan?

5. What does Caputo observe about the young mother as they are searching her house?

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