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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Big Ivan?
(a) The radio communications system needed for orders on the combat
(b) The radio code name for the battery of howitzers used ahead of the troop movement into combat
(c) The general who is overseeing the troop movement into combat
(d) The squadron of helicopters that will take the troops into combat

2. Who is Elmer Fudd at division HQ?
(a) The cartoon mascot of the division HQ.
(b) The bald headed Lt. Colonel Executive Officer for Colonel Wheeler.
(c) The chief cook at the officers' mess.
(d) A pet monkey captured in the jungle.

3. What job takes up most of Caputo's time as assistant adjutant?
(a) Regimental Mess Officer
(b) Regimental Legal Officer
(c) Regimental Secret and Confidential documents Officer
(d) Regimental Casualty Reporting Officer

4. What does Caputo observe about the young mother as they are searching her house?
(a) How frightened she looks.
(b) How she appreciates his putting everything back in place.
(c) How she covers her face with a scarf.
(d) How she looks on with complete passivity and without without expression.

5. Why does Caputo have to count VC bodies sent in for burial?
(a) There is no time to count them in the field.
(b) To make sure none of them are Americans.
(c) Company commanders tend to exaggerate body counts.
(d) To make sure they are actually dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chaplain Ryerson call twelve KIAs?

2. When does Caputo say is the only bearable time of day in Vietnam?

3. What booby traps are observed on the trail after fording the river?

4. What happens during Caputo's first night as assistant adjutant?

5. What looks beautiful from the hill but becomes ominous up close?

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