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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the real resistance walking from the L to the Vietnamese village?
(a) The land, the sun, and the jungle
(b) Constant sniper fire
(c) Farmers armed with pitchforks
(d) Muddy rice paddies

2. Who issues ID cards to the Vietnamese?
(a) The head man of each Vietnamese village
(b) The US Embassy in Saigon
(c) The provencial governments in the country
(d) Official ones by the Vietnamese government and forged ones by the VC.

3. How does the paperwork in the adjutant's office appear to Caputo?
(a) It seems to need a new filing system.
(b) It seems to be a truckload.
(c) It seems to be a simple task.
(d) It seems to be written in a foreign language.

4. Why does Peterson call for an air strike on Hill 107?
(a) He has spotted Viet cong movement on the hill.
(b) He suspects an ambush.
(c) He intercepts a viet Cong communication.
(d) He does not want combat going up a hill.

5. Who never looks up as they cross the muddy paddies?
(a) An old farmer
(b) A water buffalo
(c) Some boys catching frogs
(d) Three Vietnamese girls planting rice

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens about two hundred yards away from the village?

2. What does Chaplain Ryerson call twelve KIAs?

3. What is the warning as Caputo and his men head for Charlie Ridge?

4. What looks beautiful from the hill but becomes ominous up close?

5. What is the aim of Caputo's first entry into combat?

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