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Aron Ralston
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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Brad and Leah determine when they do not see Ralston in Utah?

2. By Tuesday evening, who calls the police to file a missing persons report.

3. What large piece of information is missing from searching for Ralston's vehicle effectively?

4. Ralston compares his freedom to being born again, but with what important difference?

5. Ralston's first trance describes him going through what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Leona sense about Ralston's current situation from Boulder?

2. What is Ralston's agenda between leaving his house on Spruce Street on Thursday and the Saturday he becomes trapped in the canyon?

3. Summarize Brad and Leah's weekend after leaving Ralston near Mount Sopris. Note the circumstances that affects the timing of Ralston's rescue.

4. Describe common themes in Ralston's memories.

5. If Ralston knows how to successfully amputate his arm days earlier, does the outcome be the same or different? How come?

6. What is Elliot's role in the search for Ralston?

7. As time continues in the canyon, what does Ralston's water supply mean to him?

8. Once Ralston is missing, how does his friends handle the situation?

9. What symptoms does Ralston observe about his body and mind that shows signs of dehydration and lack of sleep?

10. How does Emery County know to send a helicopter even before they find Ralston?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

For nearly a week, Ralston is trapped in the canyon with nothing but his own thoughts. He reminisces on many things. What are some of his more important memories? Discuss why they are important to him. What revelations does he have as he remembers past events while stuck in the canyon?

Essay Topic 2

Over time in the canyon, Ralston begins to lose his practical way of thinking. Explore the causes of his inability to stay rational over time. What signs are there? Does Ralston notice? If so, what does he do to reframe his mind? Does he want to reframe his mind back to the way it used to be? Does this help him in any way?

Essay Topic 3

In reference to solo climbing all the fourteeners in winter, Mark states to Ralston, "I think it's great for you, as long as you're happy". Ralston notes that it is something he thinks about years before and feels he is indeed doing this for himself. Prove or disprove whether you agree or disagree with Ralston's affirmation.

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