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Aron Ralston
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Short Answer Questions

1. What important role does Ranger Sherrill play in Ralston's search?

2. What importance does the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse play in Ralston's life?

3. Why does Ralston take off his lycra padded shorts?

4. During one of Ralston's attempt to amputate his arm, how does he react to the puncture?

5. Who does he meet on his hike out of the canyon?

Short Essay Questions

1. Other than taste, what other factors does Ralston have to consider when deciding on whether to drink his urine?

2. Summarize Brad and Leah's weekend after leaving Ralston near Mount Sopris. Note the circumstances that affects the timing of Ralston's rescue.

3. How does Steve Patchett help with the search from New Mexico?

4. Describe the sequence of events the leads to locating Ralston's truck.

5. What training does Ralston do within a 60 hour period that tells him he is ready for his Denali trip?

6. As time continues in the canyon, what does Ralston's water supply mean to him?

7. Sleepless in the canyon, Ralston is reminded of what other occasion in his life and why?

8. What is Ralston's agenda between leaving his house on Spruce Street on Thursday and the Saturday he becomes trapped in the canyon?

9. Describe the conditions of the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse race and what complications it causes the racers.

10. How does Emery County know to send a helicopter even before they find Ralston?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Research near death experiences. Choose one and compare and contrast the person's life before and after the event. Then compare and contrast their changes to Ralston's changes. Are there similarities and differences amongst people who experience near deaths?

Essay Topic 2

There are times Ralston almost loses his life before Blue John Canyon. There are times he has seen his friends almost lose their lives. Compare how Ralston values his own life and his friends' lives, based on the risks he is willing to take.

Essay Topic 3

Ralston is an avid solo climber who seems to prefer to do many activities alone. Yet he has many friends to party with and plenty worry and search for him. Explore Ralston's relationships with his family and friends. Does he seem close to any in particular? Is there a mutual respect between Ralston and his friends? What holds the bond between Ralston and his companions?

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