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Aron Ralston
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Short Answer Questions

1. By the second day, how does Ralston feel the ordeal ends?

2. According to the ranger at Teton, what do you do if you decide to throw rocks at a black bear?

3. Where does Ralston find work in Aspen?

4. Why does Ralston stop yelling?

5. What stops Ralston from amputating his arm this time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Of all of Ralston's climbs, Humphrey's Peak is one of the more memorable. What is important about the Humphrey's Peak climb?

2. What is Ralston's educational and professional route after high school?

3. When Ralston finally succeeds in chipping parts of the chockstone, why do you think he collects the larger flakes?

4. How does Ralston feels he fits into Aspen's social class?

5. Describe Ralston's reaction to a black bear in his campground on his first solo overnighter?

6. How does Ralston react spiritually to his entrapment?

7. What are some of the possible outcomes when Ralston initially ponders after he pins his arm?

8. Although Ralston usually prepares himself before setting out on his adventures, what event(s) occur(s) at Havasupai that shows Ralston does not always look before he leaps?

9. Describe the possible consequences Ralston faces if he decides to amputate his arm.

10. What does Ralston consider his morning routine and why is it important to him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Research near death experiences. Choose one and compare and contrast the person's life before and after the event. Then compare and contrast their changes to Ralston's changes. Are there similarities and differences amongst people who experience near deaths?

Essay Topic 2

Compare at least five stories Ralston tells of his past climbs. What patterns are seen in Ralston's behavior? His decisions? His climb selections? How he deals with each situation?

Essay Topic 3

Ralston is an avid reader who admires other adventurers and conservationists. Using of one Ralston's references, give a brief report on someone Ralston admires. Explain why Ralston admires this character.

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