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Aron Ralston
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ralston's best friend that climbs his first "fourteener" with him?

2. What nickname does Ralston's mother give him during the trip to the national park?

3. Ralston decides to amputate his limb. What does he first use to try to make a tourniquet?

4. As a raft guide, Ralston takes his friends on a night trip to what canyon?

5. Where is Ralston's first solo overnight trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Ralston responds to his near-drowning in a couple different ways. How does his discussion with his sister differ from the way he reacts in front of his friends.

2. When Ralston finally succeeds in chipping parts of the chockstone, why do you think he collects the larger flakes?

3. How does Ralston feels he fits into Aspen's social class?

4. Although Ralston usually prepares himself before setting out on his adventures, what event(s) occur(s) at Havasupai that shows Ralston does not always look before he leaps?

5. How does Ralston react spiritually to his entrapment?

6. Describe Ralston's first taping on his video recorder in the canyon.

7. Describe John Griffith's skills that help him survive the wild west.

8. How is Jack Moore connected to Butch Cassidy?

9. What external events serve as a reminder to Ralston that he is lucky despite his risky adventures?

10. In addition to the direct injury of his pinned arm, what other challenges does Ralston face from being stuck in one place?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Research Aron Ralston's current life. What do you expect to find? Are your expectations met? Are there any surprises? What is the same or different about his life before and after his entrapment?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Betty Darr and Aron Ralston's role in other people's lives.

Essay Topic 3

Ralston makes many friends that love climbing and skiing as much as he does. Yet, each of their motivations are unique. Compare and contrast Ralston and his friends' motivation to ski and climb as much as they do.

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