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Aron Ralston
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Short Answer Questions

1. Considering Ralston's rations by day three, how much longer does he expect to survive?

2. What does Ralston see overhead the next morning as he chips away at the chockstone?

3. What is one example of Ralston's resourcefulness to keep warm?

4. How many hours of darkness must Ralston survive through each night?

5. Ralston reminisces about which family friend that is known to be full of positive thinking and attitude?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the possible outcomes when Ralston initially ponders after he pins his arm?

2. Describe the possible consequences Ralston faces if he decides to amputate his arm.

3. What are some signs that indicate Ralston is losing some of his rationale and cool?

4. When Ralston finally succeeds in chipping parts of the chockstone, why do you think he collects the larger flakes?

5. Other than the technical skills Ralston learns from his friends about the outdoors, how does Ralston use his educational background to help him in the canyon?

6. Compare Warren MacDonald and Betty Darr and their relationship to Ralston.

7. How does Ralston react spiritually to his entrapment?

8. Describe Ralston's reaction to a black bear in his campground on his first solo overnighter?

9. What does the sheriff's posse think of the outlaws?

10. What is Ralston's educational and professional route after high school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Before his entrapment, Ralston narrowly escapes death many times. He states how lucky he is in his adventures. Discuss how you think Ralston views his luck.

Essay Topic 2

Ralston constantly updates the video camera of his current situation. He assumes he dies in the canyon and expects a stranger one day finds his body and his camera. Explain the reasoning behind Ralston's need to constantly talk to the camera and detail his entrapment.

Essay Topic 3

Compare at least five stories Ralston tells of his past climbs. What patterns are seen in Ralston's behavior? His decisions? His climb selections? How he deals with each situation?

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