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Aron Ralston
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Ralston's predicament when surveying a ski race route, what does he have to do?
(a) Make a snow cave and wait for five hours until safe.
(b) Click out and carry his skis.
(c) Drag an ice axe onto bare rock during a fall.
(d) Climb a tree and wait for three hours until safe.

2. Despite missing Ralston at the trailhead, the two hikers figure they see Ralston again at a party. Where is the party?
(a) Boulder, Colorado.
(b) Goblin Valley.
(c) Moab.
(d) Granary Spring Trailhead.

3. What unusual act does Ralston try with his lip balm?
(a) Applies it to his left hand to ease the scratches and bruises.
(b) Bites into it and mush it around his mouth.
(c) Swallows it to coat his dry throat.
(d) Applies a layer to his amputation attempt to prevent infections.

4. What does Ralston do with his urine before he sips on it?
(a) He mixes it with what water is left to dilute the urine taste.
(b) He filters it through his sock to separate the coarser sediments.
(c) He smells it.
(d) He distills and decants the sediments.

5. Ralston reminisces about past thirst-quenchers. Which type does he most often think about?
(a) Gatorades.
(b) Maragaritas.
(c) Budweisers.
(d) 7-UPs.

6. What image of Ralston does Leona see while in Boulder?
(a) Ralston wandering, holding his arm tight.
(b) A falling rock.
(c) An exhausted Ralston.
(d) Ralston sleeping peacefully, unsure of his level of consciousness.

7. On the Saturday Ralston gets trapped, what does he plan to check out during the hike?
(a) Future mountain biking trails.
(b) Petroglyphs.
(c) Photo opportunities of sunsets.
(d) Natural bridges.

8. What are Donna and Ann working on back in Denver?
(a) A missing person's poster.
(b) A flight to Utah.
(c) Calling the United Methodist Church in Utah to send a search party.
(d) Continuing to filter his emails for more information.

9. Where is Mr. Ralston when Brian notifies his wife of their missing son?
(a) On a tour in New York City.
(b) Visiting his daughter.
(c) Giving a tour of New York City.
(d) At the Greenville Church.

10. Previously, Ralston asks for guidance and direction to understand why he is in this situation. However, by day four, Ralston prays for what?
(a) An angel to help free him from the chockstone.
(b) Leona to report him missing earlier than what he believes is reasonable.
(c) Patience to "see this through".
(d) His parents' understanding of his adventurous lifestyle.

11. What is different about his last trance compared to all the other previous trances?
(a) Ralston is able to speak with the people he sees.
(b) Ralston is able to control the direction on his own without a guide.
(c) Ralston is an active participant in the last trance.
(d) Ralston feels he is present in both planes, the imaginary and the reality.

12. What location description is given to the dispatcher to describe Ralston's most likely whereabouts?
(a) Canyonlands National Park.
(b) Goblin Valley.
(c) Utah.
(d) Moab area.

13. In addition to a helicopter, what other search group is called out to Horseshoe Canyon?
(a) The Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council.
(b) National Association of Search and Rescue.
(c) A horse-team from Wayne County.
(d) Forest Service firefighting volunteer crew.

14. What causes Ralston to have an erratic heartbeat and sunken eyes?
(a) Infection from an open wound.
(b) Lack of sleep.
(c) Dehydration.
(d) Old burritos.

15. What important role does Captain Kyle Ekker play in Ralston's search?
(a) He is the first to spot the truck at the trailhead parking lot.
(b) He dispatches all calls concerning the Ralston searches.
(c) He recognizes the vehicle information and knows where it is located.
(d) He calls the Hans Flat ranger station to gain information on Ralston's vehicle search.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the weekend Ralston gets trapped, where does he originally plan to go?

2. What does Ralston do to conserve his water supply on his hike out?

3. What does Adam Crider find out from Ralston's debit card?

4. How does Ralston view his trances?

5. When getting too confident at Slick Rock Trail, what happens to Ralston?

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