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Aron Ralston
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do you describe Ralston's video by Thursday in the canyon?
(a) Logistical and sound.
(b) Unfocused and erratic in thought.
(c) Emotional.
(d) Spiritual.

2. During the weekend Ralston gets trapped, where does he originally plan to go?
(a) Longs Peak.
(b) Mount Sopris.
(c) Quandary Peak.
(d) Mount of the Holy Cross.

3. What causes Ralston to have an erratic heartbeat and sunken eyes?
(a) Old burritos.
(b) Lack of sleep.
(c) Dehydration.
(d) Infection from an open wound.

4. What large piece of information is missing from searching for Ralston's vehicle effectively?
(a) The correct license plate number.
(b) The make of the vehicle.
(c) The model of the vehicle.
(d) The year of the vehicle.

5. In addition to a helicopter, what other search group is called out to Horseshoe Canyon?
(a) Forest Service firefighting volunteer crew.
(b) The Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council.
(c) A horse-team from Wayne County.
(d) National Association of Search and Rescue.

6. Once rescued and stabilized, where does Ralston meet his mother?
(a) A hospital in Moab.
(b) A hospital in Denver.
(c) A hospital in Grand Junction.
(d) A clinic in Green River.

7. What do the mosquitoes indicate to Ralston?
(a) There is water nearby.
(b) It's summer and though cold at night, he may not likely die from hypothermia.
(c) There is carrion nearby.
(d) His body odor is getting stronger and attracting them.

8. In an effort to free himself once more, what does Ralston successfully do on the fourth day?
(a) Lifts a little bit of the chockstone with his makeshift pulley.
(b) Makes a successful pulley system.
(c) Makes a successful tourniquet to try and amputate his arm.
(d) Breaks through skin during an amputation attempt.

9. What unusual act does Ralston try with his lip balm?
(a) Applies a layer to his amputation attempt to prevent infections.
(b) Applies it to his left hand to ease the scratches and bruises.
(c) Bites into it and mush it around his mouth.
(d) Swallows it to coat his dry throat.

10. When getting too confident at Slick Rock Trail, what happens to Ralston?
(a) In the middle of hopping between boulders, he slips into a crack and rolls his ankle.
(b) He slams into a sand trap face forward.
(c) He falls head first into a snow pile when trying to show off on his skis.
(d) He gets stuck on a climb and has to retreat and reroute himself.

11. Although Ralston talks to the camera about recovery costs, what dominates Ralston's thoughts much of the time?
(a) An ice cream sundae.
(b) A rescue.
(c) Amputation.
(d) Fresh foods and liquids.

12. How does Mrs. Ralston and her friend attempt to get information on her son's whereabouts?
(a) They hack into his email.
(b) They get his credit card and debit card information.
(c) They call all his friends.
(d) They call his sister.

13. More than the pain in Ralston's arm, what bothers him on his hike out of the canyon?
(a) The constant talking of the hikers who are with him.
(b) The sun.
(c) The swirling water in his stomach.
(d) The sand collecting in his shoes.

14. On the Saturday Ralston gets trapped, what does he plan to check out during the hike?
(a) Petroglyphs.
(b) Natural bridges.
(c) Future mountain biking trails.
(d) Photo opportunities of sunsets.

15. How do you describe Ralston's personality?
(a) Technical and rational.
(b) Spiritual and emotional.
(c) Spontaneous but shy.
(d) Emotionally adventurous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ralston do to conserve his water supply on his hike out?

2. Ralston reminisces about past thirst-quenchers. Which type does he most often think about?

3. During Ralston's predicament when surveying a ski race route, what does he have to do?

4. Who does he meet on his hike out of the canyon?

5. What important role does Captain Kyle Ekker play in Ralston's search?

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