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Aron Ralston
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promising information does Jason Halladay provide?
(a) Ralston's canyon interests from a past email.
(b) The correct vehicle information needed.
(c) He verifies the Holy Cross trip is cancelled.
(d) More contact information.

2. How does Steve from the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council help?
(a) He becomes the New Mexico contact person to avoid further confusion.
(b) He maps out possible locations in Utah and volunteers time to search.
(c) He becomes the contact person to communicate with Ralston's mother.
(d) He drives to Colorado to help with the search.

3. In the middle of recording on his video camera, he states "even if I see Wednesday." What does this mean to Ralston?
(a) That he loses hope and waits for death or an improbable rescue.
(b) He expects to die in Tuesday night's cold.
(c) There is a chance to see Wednesday, and he does not give up hope.
(d) There is no point to seeing Wednesday when it comes.

4. How does Mrs. Ralston and her friend attempt to get information on her son's whereabouts?
(a) They call all his friends.
(b) They get his credit card and debit card information.
(c) They hack into his email.
(d) They call his sister.

5. By Tuesday evening, who calls the police to file a missing persons report.
(a) Brian and Leona.
(b) Brian and Joe.
(c) Brad and Leah.
(d) Ralston's parents.

6. In addition to the physical challenges of Ralston's adventures, what does he also appreciate in the outdoors?
(a) The smell.
(b) He gets to meet others that enjoy the same hobbies.
(c) The photographic scenery.
(d) The quiet.

7. Who is the original Aspen Police contact Brian and Mrs. Ralston work with to find Ralston?
(a) Eric Ross.
(b) Adam Crider.
(c) Dan Heinrich.
(d) Jason Halladay.

8. Who does Mrs. Ralston recruit to help her decide what to do?
(a) Elliot.
(b) Mr. Ralston.
(c) Michelle.
(d) Ann.

9. What large piece of information is missing from searching for Ralston's vehicle effectively?
(a) The year of the vehicle.
(b) The make of the vehicle.
(c) The model of the vehicle.
(d) The correct license plate number.

10. On day four, Ralston passes time by doing what?
(a) Reminiscing about old times and friends to the video camera.
(b) Etching games of tic-tac-toe on the wall.
(c) Listening to his Phish CD.
(d) Chipping away the chockstone.

11. What is Ralston's last trance that makes him believe he survives?
(a) His future son in a future home.
(b) Ghosts in the canyonlands that communicate it is not yet his time.
(c) A welcoming house party with all his friends and family.
(d) Friends that non-verbally communicate, "When you are ready, then we are real."

12. Ralston compares his freedom to being born again, but with what important difference?
(a) He is coming from a dry desolate place this time.
(b) He feels a sense of accomplishment from making it happen.
(c) He now knows the values of family and friends.
(d) He is not vulnerable.

13. What information does Elliot attempt to get from the Denali National Park Service?
(a) Ralston's Denali team members' contact information.
(b) Ralston's old New Mexico address.
(c) Ralston's email address.
(d) Ralston's license plate number.

14. Once rescued and stabilized, where does Ralston meet his mother?
(a) A hospital in Grand Junction.
(b) A clinic in Green River.
(c) A hospital in Moab.
(d) A hospital in Denver.

15. What does Leona assume when she does not see Ralston at her going away party?
(a) That he is too tired for a party and decides to sleep elsewhere.
(b) Ralston does not like her so does not care to say goodbye.
(c) Ralston is going straight to work from his vacation.
(d) That something is wrong, but she has to wait 24 hours to be sure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What image of Ralston does Leona see while in Boulder?

2. What is one of Ralston's motivations to hike Negro Bill Canyon?

3. On the Saturday Ralston gets trapped, what does he plan to check out during the hike?

4. At the bottom of a rappel, what does he find?

5. What are Donna and Ann working on back in Denver?

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