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Aron Ralston
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the two hikers Ralston meets earlier on Saturday leave the canyon, what happens that makes one of them think Ralston is already gone?
(a) They come out of the canyon late and do not see Ralston's bike.
(b) It is already sunset.
(c) They know they have a longer hike out than Ralston does.
(d) They do not see Ralston's truck at the parking lot.

2. What location description is given to the dispatcher to describe Ralston's most likely whereabouts?
(a) Moab area.
(b) Utah.
(c) Canyonlands National Park.
(d) Goblin Valley.

3. What important role does Ranger Sherrill play in Ralston's search?
(a) He is the first into the Horseshoe Canyon area.
(b) He remembers seeing Ralston earlier on the previous Saturday near Goblin Valley.
(c) He flies the helicopter from Colorado for Ralston's search.
(d) He recognizes Ralston's vehicle description.

4. In addition to a helicopter, what other search group is called out to Horseshoe Canyon?
(a) The Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council.
(b) A horse-team from Wayne County.
(c) National Association of Search and Rescue.
(d) Forest Service firefighting volunteer crew.

5. What alters Ralston's original plans that set him on a course to the desert in Utah?
(a) Sub-zero weather make the ski terrain icy.
(b) Unusual warm weather that set avalanche hazards.
(c) His ski buddies cancel due to family emergency.
(d) A late-winter storm that set avalanche hazards.

6. On day four, Ralston passes time by doing what?
(a) Etching games of tic-tac-toe on the wall.
(b) Chipping away the chockstone.
(c) Reminiscing about old times and friends to the video camera.
(d) Listening to his Phish CD.

7. What information are the police able to find from Ralston's credit and debit cards?
(a) His last whereabouts are in Glenwood Springs from Thursday.
(b) He buys gas in Moab on Thursday.
(c) He does not use his cards since he leaves Colorado.
(d) He is possibly in the Green River area from a convenience store purchase on Saturday.

8. Who does Mrs. Ralston recruit to help her decide what to do?
(a) Mr. Ralston.
(b) Elliot.
(c) Ann.
(d) Michelle.

9. How do you describe Ralston's personality?
(a) Spiritual and emotional.
(b) Emotionally adventurous.
(c) Spontaneous but shy.
(d) Technical and rational.

10. What unusual act does Ralston try with his lip balm?
(a) Swallows it to coat his dry throat.
(b) Applies it to his left hand to ease the scratches and bruises.
(c) Applies a layer to his amputation attempt to prevent infections.
(d) Bites into it and mush it around his mouth.

11. What importance does the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse play in Ralston's life?
(a) It is his first Colorado winter fourteener.
(b) It is where he wins his first ski race.
(c) It is a ski race Ralston and a friend finish in inclement weather.
(d) It is where his friend almost sdue to an avalanche.

12. During the weekend Ralston gets trapped, where does he originally plan to go?
(a) Mount of the Holy Cross.
(b) Mount Sopris.
(c) Quandary Peak.
(d) Longs Peak.

13. What large piece of information is missing from searching for Ralston's vehicle effectively?
(a) The correct license plate number.
(b) The year of the vehicle.
(c) The model of the vehicle.
(d) The make of the vehicle.

14. During one of Ralston's attempt to amputate his arm, how does he react to the puncture?
(a) He cannot feel the pain, so continues to try and cut the bones.
(b) He panics and finishes off his water by pouring it over his wound.
(c) He puts himself into shock.
(d) He compares it to a dissection from school days.

15. What sign leads Ralston to believe he is not yet fully dehydrated?
(a) He is able to cry.
(b) He produces saliva.
(c) He continues to have urges to urinate.
(d) The cuts from hammering actually bleed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to the physical challenges of Ralston's adventures, what does he also appreciate in the outdoors?

2. How does Leona find out that Ralston never shows to work?

3. What does Ralston discover when he pokes his pinned thumb?

4. What promising information does Jason Halladay provide?

5. More than the pain in Ralston's arm, what bothers him on his hike out of the canyon?

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