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Aron Ralston
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ralston realize when reflecting on his discussions with Rob Cooper?
(a) Rob is wrong, Ralston is right.
(b) Ralston places more value on the achievement than on the journey.
(c) That Ralston has the tenacity to live and survive this ordeal.
(d) Rob teaches Ralston to peak fourteeners only if it makes Ralston happy.

2. What is the chockstone mostly made of?
(a) Sandstone.
(b) Granite.
(c) Limestone.
(d) Shale.

3. Why does Ralston acknowledge Warren MacDonald in his time of entrapment?
(a) MacDonald loses his limbs in a hiking accident.
(b) MacDonald is the first to climb all the fourteeners of Colorado.
(c) MacDonald has his arms amputated during the Korean War.
(d) MacDonald is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon.

4. How does John Griffith get his nickname?
(a) He always has a frown on his face.
(b) He has one blue eye and one brown eye.
(c) He has a dog named Blue.
(d) He always wears blue jeans.

5. Sonja moves to what state for college?
(a) New Mexico.
(b) Arizona.
(c) Texas.
(d) Alaska.

6. What disease does Betty contract as a child?
(a) Polio.
(b) Smallpox.
(c) Rubella.
(d) Measles.

7. To keep some form of control, what is one relatively trivial thing Ralston does?
(a) Ralston puts on his hat.
(b) Ralston tidies up the dust and rock pieces off his arm.
(c) Ralston neatly rearranges his belongings into his pack.
(d) Ralston continuously ties knots, undoes them, and ties them again.

8. Once in the water, what happens to Ralston?
(a) He gets feet caught between rocks.
(b) He gets thrown into large boulders.
(c) He gets caught in the main current.
(d) He forgets how to swim.

9. When climbing Humphrey's Peak, what danger does Ralston encounter?
(a) An avalanche.
(b) A cougar.
(c) Thunder and lightning.
(d) A grizzly bear.

10. After sitting for fifteen minutes, what begins to happen to Ralston's legs?
(a) His legs get cramped with restricted blood flow.
(b) His legs get tender from the material cutting into his legs.
(c) Ralston hurts his right ankle as he swings it.
(d) His legs begin to form clots.

11. Back in solitude, Ralston listens to what band on his CD player?
(a) Phish.
(b) Nirvana.
(c) Poison.
(d) Dave Matthews Band.

12. What stops Ralston from amputating his arm this time?
(a) He passes out.
(b) He has no tools to cut his bones.
(c) The tourniquet keeps getting loose.
(d) He considers the possibility of still saving his limb.

13. For the first two days, how do you describe Ralston's reaction to the situation?
(a) Panicky.
(b) Rational.
(c) Spiritual.
(d) Angry.

14. Ralston is able to make a seat out of what?
(a) A large boulder nearby.
(b) The harness and rappelling gear.
(c) Ralston ties his ropes into a makeshift sitting-hammock.
(d) A concave divot in the wall.

15. What danger does Ralston notice on his descent from Capitol Peak?
(a) Signs of dehydration.
(b) Signs of frostbite.
(c) Signs of hypothermia.
(d) Signs of confusion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What character is used to indicate the location of the party Ralston mentions to the other hikers?

2. What happens to Ralston's friendships after the avalanche?

3. One of the hikers mentions that the pictures in the book "Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau" look like what?

4. Conserving water, how often does Ralston takes sips in the beginning of his entrapment?

5. Sonja spends Thanksgiving camping at Havasupai Canyon with whom?

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