A Rock and a Hard Place Short Essay - Answer Key

Aron Ralston
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1. Describe John Griffith's skills that help him survive the wild west.

John Griffith is hired as a cook, but he also runs with a crowd that teaches him how to wrangle horses and rob. In addition, he helps rope in cattle and is mentioned as being a good boatmen. Near the end of his outlaw days, he shows he is a good enough shooter to drive off the sheriff's posse and make his way south.

2. How is Jack Moore connected to Butch Cassidy?

Butch Cassidy runs the Wild Bunch and is friendly with Jack Moore. Moore is the foreman of the 3B cattle in the Roost Canyon area and lets the Wild Bunch set camp there before or after raids.

3. What becomes of the second rate Wild Bunch boys from Roost Canyon?

John Griffith is last seen headed to Lee's Ferry, but is never known to arrive. Silver Tip settles in Wyoming after an escape from prison, and Indian Ed is thought to be in Oklahoma, but no one is sure.

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